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Pokemon Reborn: Recent News -
Tales of Aegis Past -
On 11/11/2015 by Amethyst

"History has a habit of letting little girls wander past the forest's edge, only to be swallowed up by any number of enchantments beyond.
She awakens in a tower,
A dragon guards her, its fangs bared to the world, brimstone breath faithfully reserved for whatever metal-clad ignoramus thinks himself so mighty that even fire may not char his miserable flesh.
But, there is one who can slay the beast..."

Another new wallpaper is up! The image may be familiar, but fans of the leader with a temper matched in sharpness only by her blade won't want to miss out here. As always, all common resolutions for PC and mobile are included!


Titania's wallpaper/banner art come courtesy of Diana (same cool gal who did Cain's).



Next up, details on a new hold item debuting in E16.

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Um... Excuse me, b-but... -
On 09/11/2015 by Amethyst

...b-but w-would you mind putting me on your d-d-desktop...? ((>~<))

Um, if I won't be in the way or anything...




Shelly's come to play and she's here to stay, joining the other characters up in our wallpaper section for all common resolutions + mobile! Show the girl some support and go download the poor thing. 


Today's wallpaper comes courtesy of our very own fan-favorite artist Sleppu! Shout out to them to pulling this together for everyone!


And of course, there's more coming in the future. Stay tuned!

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Get ready for a lesson in class! -
On 07/20/2015 by Amethyst

What's up, scrubs? We've got the top dog coming in to grace your computer screens!
Fern may be a jerk and a half most of the time... Okay, all of the time, but to my surprise he was one of the most initially requested wallpapers*. His art has been done for quite a while, and I'll admit I've dragged my feet in getting it up, partly for focusing on development stuff. Nonetheless, he's here in all his glory, and you are now free to worship him as he would say he deserves.
* Including unanswered requests of his wallpaper featuring his severe injury and/or death

Fern's art comes from apieceoftofu (delicious, vegetarian-friendly, artistically talented).

Later, losers!
(jk you're all awesome)

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Guess what's next on line -
On 07/13/2015 by Kurotsune

So time to reveal the big secret.
When E16 development started, we had a stretch goal. That was to get online battling and trading working. Turns out, that wasn't as much of a stretch as we thought.
Thanks Alexandre's online functionality systems which you may recognize from games such as Pokémon Zeta/Omnicron or Insurgence, we've been able to implement online battling and trading in Reborn, 
While there is no guarantee this will ship with E16, it is a feature I was very excited about and wanted to share with you guys.
We will probably be coming up with solutions to balance online gameplay by controlling which pokémon can be brought into battle or kept in the party and stuff like setting up our server, so there are definitely kinks that still need to be worked out.
Unfortunately, while I would love to give you details and a ton of images or footage, there isn't a lot to show yet. I can give you guys this image of me fighting myself with two test trainers:
or this image of me logging in:
And this image of me trading with myself with these same test trainers 
(Background is weird because it's just a test build)
But maybe soon we'll be able to do more. Including  a showdown, I feel, that's been a long time coming.

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Reborn XV: Never After -
On 06/09/2015 by Amethyst

Six months and several releases later, we're finally here with E15, now patched up and ready for the general
This has been out for around a week now to the forum, which has given us just enough time to clean it up and ensure that the release is fairly stable. Forum members, do remember that a spoiler-lock is in effect until July. So please tag your spoilers, keep them in appropriate places, and be careful with your topic titles!
First, there are some things to be aware of, particularly if you did not play the 14.5 release:

  • Please avoid saving outdoors in the following areas before updating:
  • Reborn City
  • Chrysolia Forest
  • Spinel Town
  • Route 2
  • Consider visiting a Pokemon Center in the new update -before- using Teleport/Dig etc.
  • As a final note, the item PC was removed due to its relative uselessness, so please recover any stored items there before updating.
The download page will be linked below this change-list. Enjoy!

Notable Changes:
NOTE: Pre-Agate dive areas will not be accessible until the canon return to those locations
  • * All shiny sprites have been recolored!
  • * The AI has been tuned up, yet again. 
  • * The following abilities have been improved in some way:
Stance Change Simple Pixilate Refrigerate
Aeirlate Tinted Lens Poison Heal Defiant
Contrary Competitive Unnnerve Protean
Harvest Sniper Huge Power Pure Power
  • * The following items have been improved in some way:
Kee Berry Maranga Berry Wing Items Cotton Candy
Pokesnax Binding Band Stat Berries Type Gems
Enigma Berry Jaboca Berry Rowap Berry Healing items
  • * The following moves have been improved in some way:
Fury Cutter U-Turn Volt Switch Sticky Web
Oblivion Wing Toxic Flying Press Gravity
Water Sport Mud Sport Magic Room Wonder Room
Explosion Selfdestruct Torment Noble Roar
  • * The two salons' happiness gains have been corrected
  • * A back-up save feature has been implemented. Past save files will be automatically stored and categorized for players to rename/replace at will, and should be automatically loaded to the most recent functional save upon discovering a corrupt file.
  • * The Bag may now be automatically alphabetized by pressing the A key. 
  • * The 'Gym Guy,' who was a tool and skipped out on half the gyms, has been sacked. A more reliable system has been implemented in his place. 
  • * The level curve from Noel to Charlotte has been adjusted, sinking slightly.
  • * A Pledge tutor has been added to the Lapis Ward. 
  • * The separate mid-story Obsidia Park map has been removed.
  • * The daily timers on the Grand Hall trainers have been removed. They can now be battled repeatedly.
  • * The Item PC has been disabled. It was pointless anyway. Items previously deposited can be removed in previous episodes.
  • * The Move Pokemon command has been switched to the top place of the PC.
  • * Items stolen from partner trainers may no longer be kept.
  • * The amount of lightning in Stormy weather has been halved.
  • * The windy weather animation has been reworked to reduce lag.
  • * Windy days will now cause battles to begin with the Strong Winds weather
  • * The Ribbon section of the Summary screen has been removed and replaced with the EV/IV display
  • * The Pickup Table has been altered again. See
  • * Some event Pokemon will now generate with one of several egg moves
  • * Rock Smash has been converted to a TMX (HM). The Secret Power TM has been added. 
  • * Radomus and Florinia have received team changes. 
  • * Shade has received team changes and now gives TM Shadow Claw. Shadow Claw will be available to players who have already beaten Shade in place of Shadow Ball in the future.
  • * Serra has received a new Field Effect, arena, and team.
  • * Potions, etc, will no longer use a turn when selected to use on a full HP Pokemon
  • * The Low Battery message has been disabled
  • * Hold items have been updated to ORAS availability

  • * The Pokemon Psychologist no longer has a time restriction.
#---------------------------- E14.5 Changes ---------------------------#
  • * The following abilities have been scripted, fixed or technically improved in some way:
Cheek Pouch Aroma Veil Telepathy Pressure
Analytic Infiltrator Parental Bond Symbiosis
Moxie Pickpocket Magician Gooey
Primordial Sea Desolate Land Delta Stream Teravolt
Turboblaze Illusion Flower Veil Aftermath
(All abilities are now implemented)
  • * The following moves have been scripted, fixed or technically improved in some way:
Dragon Ascent Origin Pulse Precipice Blades Copycat
Protect Detect King's Shield Spiky Shield
Endure Wide Guard Quick Guard Final Gambit
Fusion Flare Fusion Bolt Diamond Storm Steam Eruption
Flame Burst Magnetic Flux Fairy Lock Ally Switch
Last Resort Hyperspace Hole Payback Wonder Room
Fell Stinger Crafty Shield Quash After You
Me First Flower Shield Retaliate Rototiller
Thousand Waves Powder Electrify Ion Deluge
Sky Drop Mat Block Thousand Arrows Electroweb
(All moves are now implemented)
  • * The following items have been scripted, fixed or technically improved in some way:
Eject Button Red Card Rocky Helmet Air Balloon
Red Orb Blue Orb Prison Bottle Assault Vest
ORAS Mega Stones
(All items are now implemented)
  • * The following areas have been touched up to reduce lag, at least a little:
Byxbysion Wasteland Chrysolia Forest Peridot Ward
Beryl Ward Spinel Town Jasper Ward
Opal Ward Central Obsidia North Obsidia
South Obsidia Route 2
This has the effect of resetting some trainer and other events in the areas.
  • * The timing of sending out Pokemon has been updated to properly happen at the end of a round, instead of before end-of-round-effects or mid-attack in double battles.
  • * ORAS Megas have been implemented (note: This does not mean already available)
  • * Diancie, Hoopa and Volcanion have been implemented
  • * Heavy Rain, Harsh Sun and Strong Winds have been added
  • * Ally Switch's effect has been altered to switch the user with a Pokemon in the party on -1 priority
  • * The 7th Street and Agate Circus move tutors have been updated to ORAS Moves. A new tutor has been added to each place.
  • * All HMs have been converted to TM-variants and can now be forgotten at will
  • * Quick Jump Tauros have been added to the ends of Route 1, appearing after a certain part of the story
  • * IV Breeding issues should be resolved
  • * Ability Capsules should be more reliable
#---------------------------- Base Essentials changes (v15.0)  ---------------------------#
  • * The following abilities have been fixed or technically improved in some way:
  • Abilities activating on damage
  • * The following moves have been fixed or technically improved in some way:
  • Sweet Scent Helping Hand Assist Fling
  • Grudge Destiny Bond
  • * The following items have been fixed or technically improved in some way:
  • Honey Repels Quick Claw Shell Bell
  • Life Orb
  • * Pokémon can now relearn a move it knew when the player obtained/hatched it.
  • * Chance of a wild encounter when using Rock Smash is now 25%.
  • * Fishing was made easier.
  • * AI improvements/tweaks
  • * Weather now tints to time of day
  • * The enemy party balls in battle against two opposing trainers now have 3 balls for each trainer, rather than all 6 for the first trainer.
  • * Pokémon holding Exp Shares now gain Exp even if there are no non-fainted Pokémon who would gain Exp normally from the opponent (e.g. because of Selfdestruct).
#---------------------------- Field Effect changes  ---------------------------#
(See "Field Effect Manual.txt" for full listing)
  • * Field Transformations now occur at the end of an attack, rather than during damage calculation.
  • * Non-environmental Field Effects (such as the Gym Leader's forced Corrosive Mist battle) now default to the regular environment (normal Corrosive) when destroyed.
  • * Redundant Field Effect messages, such as in multi-hit attacks, have been reduced.
* The following Field Effects have been added:
  • * Crystal Cavern
  • * Murkwater Surface
  • * Mountain
  • * Snowy Mountain
  • * Holy Field
  • * Mirror Arena
* Electric Terrain
  • * Thousand Arrows now gains Electric type damage.
  • * Selfdestruct and Explosion now increase in power x1.5 (up from x1.3)
  • * Surf, Muddy Water, Hurricane, Smack Down and Thousand Arrows now increase in power x1.5
* Misty Terrain
  • * Now transformed into the Corrosive Mist Field by Poison Gas.
  • * Secret Power now reduces SpAtk (changed from reducing Accuracy)
  • * The accuracy of Lovely Kiss is no longer boosted.
  • * Steam Eruption increases in power x1.5
  • * Now removed by Twister
* Pitch Black Field
  • * Has been renamed to Dark Crystal Cavern
  • * Temporarily transformed by sunny weather into Crystal Cavern
  • * Now transformed into a Cave by Earthquake and Bulldoze.
* Big Top Arena
  • * Fly and Bounce no longer gain negative priority on landing.
  • * Earthquake and Magnitude are now boosted by the High Striker.
* Burning Field
  • * Thousand Arrows now gains Fire type damage and increases in power x1.5
  • * Smog and Clear Smog now increase in power x2 (up from x1.5)
* Swamp Field
  • * Thousand Arrows increases in power x1.5
* Corrosive Field
  • * Thousand Arrows now gains Poison type damage and increases in power x1.5
  • * Pokemon with Wonder Guard are now immune to the entry-hazard and sleep damage. 
  • * Now transformed into Grassy Terrain by Seed Flare
* Corrosive Mist Field
  • * Now removed by Twister
* Desert Field
  • * Thousand Waves increases in power x1.5
* Icy Field
  • * Steam Eruption suffers x0.5 decrease in power.
  • * Rock Type attacks now become pure-Ice-type, rather than Rock/Ice
* Rocky Field
  • * Nature Power becomes Rock Smash
  • * Earthquake, Magnitude, Rock Climb and Strength increase in power x1.5
* Super-heated Field
  • * Steam is now created by Water-sport.
  • * Steam now generates at the end of an attack, and only once per turn.
  • * Fire Attacks now increase x1.1 (down from x1.2)
  • * Water attacks now suffer a x0.9 decrease of power (up from x0.8)
  • * Scald and Steam Eruption now increase in power x1.667, still totalling x1.5
* Factory Field
  • * Now transformed into the Short-circuit Field by Ion Deluge and Fissure.
  • * Discharge transforms into Short-circuit Field within the turn, potentially multiple times per attack.
* Short-circuit Field
  • * Now transformed into the Factory Field by Ion Deluge.
  • * Discharge transforms into Factory Field within the turn, potentially multiple times per attack.
* Wasteland
  • * Nature Power now becomes Gunk Shot
* Ashen Beach
  • * Ash now rises at the end of an attack, and only once per turn.
  • * Thousand Waves and Sand Tomb increase in power x1.5
  • * Strength now gains Fighting/Psychic type damage and is boosted x1.5
  • * Pokemon trapped in Sand Tomb suffer an accuracy drop each turn.
* Water Surface
  • * Now transformed into Murkwater Surface by Sludge Wave
* Underwater
  • * Now transformed into Murkwater Surface by Sludge Wave with a total x2 damage boost (from the usual x1.3 transformation boost)
* Cave
  • * Cave ceilings now require two uses of the move to collapse. 
  • * Cave collapses now happen at the end of the turn rather than before damage calculation. 
  • * Pokemon using Endure, or having Sturdy may survive the collapse with 1 HP from full health.
  • * Pokemon with Battle Armor and Shell armor take 50% damage from the collapse.
  • * Pokemon with Solid Rock take 33% damage from the collapse.
  • * Pokemon behind protect moves including Wide Guard, or having Bulletproof, Rock Head or Wonderguard are immune to the collapse damage.
  • * Now transformed into Crystal Cavern by Power Gem or Diamond Storm
  • * Only non-contact Flying-type moves are now reduced in power.

Game Downloads

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