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Pokemon Reborn: Recent News -
Making the new fields crystal clear! -
On 05/01/2015 by Amethyst

This is probably my homeland. Or something.
The next field effect to be revealed is the Crystal Cavern! Click that link or the picture below to see its details.
As players, you've all seen most of the places this is going to show up already. And yes! Rejoice! That means no more Arena Trap-Magnitude helplessly collapsing the cave field on you! 
(Although that was solved too since it now takes two EQs/whatevers to collapse the Cave field, and some stuff is resistant to it).
Speaking of changes to other fields, since you won't see the context here:
The field previously known as the Pitch Black field has been relabeled to the aforementioned Dark Crystal Cavern, and can now be temporarily transformed into this Crystal Cavern while the weather is Sunny. ...Or you can just EQ/Bulldoze the crystals and make it a normal cave anyway. Similarly, Power Gem and Diamond Storm will now transform the Cave into this Crystal Cavern.
In other words, they're all potentially interchangeable. 
Two more fields for E15 remain...

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Making mountains out of molefields! -
On 04/26/2015 by Amethyst

Two more field effects coming in today, and you can probably already guess what they are from the title alone. As always, click the images below to jump to the Field Effect page and see their details.
The Mountain is a basic environmental field that we've been lacking for a while, with an emphasis on rocks and wind, and the Snowy Mountain, its variant, is a hybrid field between that and the Icy Field. Yes, that means you can't melt and dive into the peak of Ametrine anymore. Come on, that doesn't even make sense.
We are nearing a long awaited finish-line here. Speaking of long-awaited, some old faces might make a reappearance in E15...

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Awesome kind of runs in the family -
On 04/22/2015 by Amethyst

...No big deal.
Since we put Cain up for wallpapering, he's been a little lonely, don't you think? Let's get him some company-- Charlotte's joining him! It's totally not because I unofficially ship these two...
And if you had a rough time with her gym battle, do try not to like, flashback trauma-style or anything. She's been nerfed. I promise. 
As before, the above image will take you to the wallpaper page on the main site-- or just use this link and scroll down for the firebug here. Again, we have all common resolutions + a mobile wallpaper for your enjoyment! Shout out to apieceoftofu for the art; she's done a great job!

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What Murks Below... -
On 04/17/2015 by Amethyst

It's that time again. As one user pointed out, since E15's fields have been implemented, I can finally start announcing some of them. But one at a time. Small bites. Chew before you swallow.
Or better yet with this field, try not to swallow anything at all, because it'll kill you from the inside-out.
I've basically already confirmed this one, so we may as well start with it, hm? The Murkwater Surface is a hybrid between the Water Surface and some of the other poison fields. Created by using Sludge Wave on the existing water fields, Murkwater makes a pretty miserable time for all but the select few Pokemon who benefit from both sides of it.
But, perhaps it could be useful against a certain trainer, if at some cost.
E15 is chugging along, but we're obviously not there yet. Don't worry though, I'll do my best to cut through the rest of it... so to speak.

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Let your voice be heard! -
On 04/16/2015 by Solace

With the passing of time, improvements are made to anything and everything. A few weeks ago (yes it's been that long)  the Reborn staff collectively decided to grant users with the rank of Voice (+) the ability to use the broadcast commands in order to differentiate the voice status and (in most cases) ace members a bit more from everyone else and give added importance to the rank. You might ask yourself, what is broadcast and why should I care? Broadcast allows an individual to use particular commands programmed within Pokemon Showdown and output the results to everyone within the chat. To do so, simply replace the / with a !
-Quick Reminder: To obtain voice, one must be an Ace Member, have at least 500 posts, and be in good standing in the community.
As seen here in this previous news post by [member=Amethyst] regarding the warning point system.

1 point : The user is no longer eligible for voice (but they won't lose it if they already have it)
3 points: The user loses voice if they have it

In addition, as a measure to prevent these commands from flooding the chat, we've also installed a new warning under the more generic name of 'Server- Spam', but it will apply to those who abuse the broadcast function as well. The warning is only worth 1 point, but keep in mind, it only takes 3 points to lose voice. We just ask that you use your better judgment on when to use it. We'll more than likely be fairly lenient on the matter just so long as it isn't blatant 'spamming'.
Commands that can be broadcasted:
(some info and text taken from smogon site)
/data (or) /pstats /stats /dex /pokedex
[spoiler]/data: Data is one of the most used commands, as it's an extremely practical tool, especially when it comes to teambuilding. Using /data [Pokémon] in the chat, replacing [Pokémon] with the name you're searching for, will bring up the Pokémon's stats, typing, abilities, and tier. Oftentimes staff will broadcast this to answer someone's question regarding stat spreads or to start a discussion about a particular Pokémon.
The /data command can also be used for items, moves, and abilities.

/details (or) /dt
/dt is an expansion of /data, which shows you the height, weight, as well as the Pokémon's egg group(s) and other info!
The /details command can also be used for items, moves, and abilities.

/weakness (or) /weak /resist
/weakness [pokemon] will list all of the resistances and weaknesses of the indicated pokemon, with Bolded ones being even more resisted or weak to.

/effectiveness (or) /matchup /eff /type
/effectiveness [attack], [defender] will give the effectiveness of a particular move against a particular pokemon. (Can be especially useful for those crazy dual type moves)

/dexsearch (or) /ds
/dexsearch [type], [move], [move], ... - Searches for Pokemon that fulfill the selected criteria.
Search categories are: type, tier, color, moves, ability, gen.
Valid colors are: green, red, blue, white, brown, yellow, purple, pink, gray and black.
Valid tiers are: Uber/OU/BL/UU/BL2/RU/BL3/NU/PU/NFE/LC/CAP.
Types must be followed by ' type', e.g., 'dragon type'.
Parameters can be excluded through the use of '!', e.g., '!water type' excludes all water types.
The parameter 'mega' can be added to search for Mega Evolutions only, and the parameters 'FE' or 'NFE' can be added to search fully or not-fully evolved Pokemon only.
The order of the parameters does not matter.

+ Voice - They can use ! commands like !groups, and talk during moderated chat
% Driver - The above, and they can mute. Global % can also lock users and check for alts
@ Moderator - The above, and they can ban users
& Leader - The above, and they can promote to moderator and force ties
# Room Owner - They are leaders of the room and can almost totally control it
~ Administrator - They can do anything, like change what this message says
**Note these capabilities are somewhat different on Reborn and will be updated accordingly in the future.

Provides information on how to change your Showdown sprite as well as a link to the site shop to buy a custom one.

Links to the Showdown FAQ on smogon's website.

Links to the Pokemon Showdown rules page. (May be Reborn rules page in the future).

Provides multiple links regarding the basics of the Smogon competitive battling format.

Displays the room intro.

Provides multiple links to things regarding Smogon tiers for competitive battling.

/othermetas (or) /om
Provides link(s) to a Smogon page with the details on all of the unusual tiers on Showdown (e.g Super Staff Bros, Enter the Dragon type, etc.)

/learn (or) /learnset /learnall
/learn [pokemon], [move, move, ...] - Displays how a Pokemon can learn the given moves, if it can at all.

/analysis (or) /smogdex /strategy
/analysis [pokemon] will link to the respective pokemon's info on Smogon including it's competitive examination and recommended sets.

Provides a link to the Smogon Pokemon damage calculator.

/staff -- (link not yet working)
Links to the staff for Pokemon Reborn.

/pickrandom (or) /pick /pr
/pickrandom [Item1], [Item2], [Item3], [Item#]..... picks one of the inputed items at random.
You can always type '/commands' to see much of this within showdown yourself.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Get out there and speak your mind!

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Pokemon Reborn does not claim ownership of Pokemon or any associated content. All original characters, artwork and other media remain the property of their respective authors.
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