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PokePlace Reborn- Recent News -
Pokemon Movie Nights -
On 07/13/2014 by Amethyst

Starting now until not now, we're going to be streaming Pokemon movies every Sunday night at 9 PM EST. The link will be posted on the server at that time so if you're game, come join us!


This week's movie, since we're just starting, will obviously be Pokemon, The First Movie. Hope to see everyone there!

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Additions and Subtractions -
On 07/07/2014 by Kiozo

Hi friends! I'm back with some good and bad news. We might as well start in kind with the bad.


So, it's been a long and rough time recently what with the various server and forum migrations. We've had some ups and downs regarding potential hosts, and for now it seems like we're going to do alright with the VPS. That being said, there were some lasting changes that took place.


Since we've gone from place to place, we've had to change so much. A lot of this happened with behind the scenes technical issues, such as what kind of scripting and host platform we use. Thankfully, most of this doesn't change what you see on the surface. Unfortunately, many technical components to one of our biggest attractions ended up being irrelevant, and remaking them could take potentially too long. Not to mention, we've had a lot of issues in the past with things such as scaling the challenge accordingly, and keeping it available to everyone as opposed to a certain timeframe. As such, we're decided that we're going to retire the Reborn League. We really do not want to do that, but as it stands, we have to rebuild the league from the ground up for almost all pieces of it, and we really don't want to disclude anyone. On the other hand, having the leaders on demand at any given time is also very hard as everyone involved has different responsibilities to attend to, and we can't guarantee more than we already have. We're apologetic, but we're also very thankful to everyone who has challenged Reborn League! Thanks for making it successful thoughout it's life!

Now, that leaves us wondering. What's next? There truly is no replacement for the league, but that doesn't mean we need to leave you stranded without activity. So, meanwhile Ame's working on the game still. Some others also have projects. Why don't I show you what I've been working on?

The project today is PokéNations! You might have seen me detail small amounts of PokéNations in the other announcement a little while back. Well, with different things settling, it's now ready to be opened up! There's a seperate subforum newly created just for this project. You can find literally every detail you need created here! Before asking questions; check out the subforum! I'm sure all of your questions will be answered there! Including everything that was asked prior! If not, just send a pm and I'll add it into the main page.

Now, I know a lot of you have been asking about the Create-A-Pokémon project. Yes, it's happening. Yes, it's happening soon. Let me make sure that we have PokéNations under control, and we'll bring that back to life in no time! Thanks for your patience on that subject.


Now, I think that sums up everything that needed to be said. Thanks for your patience with everything that goes on, and I hope you enjoy what's to come! Time to go back to the old teambuilding grind. Does anyone else not like dealing with Mega-Evolutions? They're sure a pain...ah well. I'm going to grab a drink of water, hopefully this cough goes away..and I'll see you all back out there on the server!


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Reborn chat streamed directly to your browser! -
On 07/02/2014 by Amethyst

So just in case you didn't know: We have a PO server! What is PO? Pokemon Online is a battling simulator where users can log on, create teams and battle each other. Reborn is one of the oldest and most popular servers on the greater PO network, but even despite that, sometimes we in the server chat feel a little disconnected from the forum community. Indeed, it can be a pain to have to download, install, and fire-up a whole different program just to talk to people.


Which brings us to this pretty little link right here.


Now notched into the menus of both the main-site and forum, you can easily access our PO server from your browser-- no need to download anything! To do it, go to the link and click Load. Then choose Reborn's server from the list, enter a name and click connect!


Now, just a heads up, this PO web client we've linked here is still a work in progress by the creators of PO themselves. Eventually, it will be able to do everything the downloaded version can, but for now it's very incomplete. I personally have yet to get the team builder or battles to work, so for the time being please treat this web-client like a glorified chat room. If you do want to battle, I definitely encourage you to get the full program.


That said, don't be afraid to come and say hi, ask a question about the game, or just hang around and chat with individual users on the side!



On one final, unrelated note, we have an additional promotion: Hukuna will be taking up a local moderator position for the Roleplay forum, so don't be surprised if he's popping into the topics down there. 



Hope to see everyone online!

(21 replies)
PO Server, Reborn -
On 06/30/2014 by Amethyst

That pun is never going to die.


But speaking of things that do die, the old server. And as such, we have a new one. Nyu is not dead and gone, but he will no longer be hosting us. Instead, we have a snazzy new server on our own VPS.


It looks like not everything is 100% working just yet (looking at you, Tiers and /d's) so some restarts might be required here and there as we get settled. Additionally, there is a threat that resource usage between the site, forum and server will cause issues, but I'm not afraid to upgrade our hosting plan if I need to, and Digital Ocean is great so that's actually super easy. In all, don't worry about it.


The Advance Connect for our new server is


We also have one more new feature coming with our new server, but I'm going to wait just a couple days to make sure everything's in good shape before I put that one up....




In other news, we have a couple promotions to mention:

Fezzdog is coming onto the server as new mod, and Blind Guardian is following up as a new forum mod for the Reborn section. Congrats to both of them, and personal thanks from myself.


Additionally, I've created a new forum to help organize the Reborn Troubleshooting section. ... That is, the new section is actually called Troubleshooting and the old section that was Troubleshooting before has been renamed to Bug Reporting. The distinction here is that the Bug Report forum should be for errors in the game, and Troubleshooting is for errors in one individual's save file. Please keep this in mind when posting new topics!


Thanks everyone, and have a slightly-turquoise-with-cerulean-plaid day!

(33 replies)
Coming Soon To A Community Near You! -
On 06/22/2014 by Kiozo

Hi there! Kiozo here finally getting his hands on the announcement thread-making! Anywho, in a recent (3 months ago isn't recent I know) announcement, I decided to release some information about projects that would come to Reborn. Well, over time there's been some heavy forum instability, and I decided to hold off during that period. As it currently seems, there's stability, so  why not bring things out now? Better later than never! So down to business; there's three different things I'd like to talk about right now!


  1. PokeNations
  2. Create-A-Pokémon
  3. Codename COUGH


So, this is something I doubt many people know about. So, since this came from a server both Rooreeloo and I had frequented, I should probably give you some info!


First off; you might have noticed the 'nations' part of the name! Well, this plays a huge role in it. People will be part of a given nation, and it will determine what type of Pokémon you have to work with! You won't inherently get to choose though...

Each week, there will be assignments for the nations. Two nations will be pitted against each other, with none of them sitting out. Each nation that wins overall versus the respective opponent will be recognized and recorded for future reference.

The assignments can and will change! This won't be some simple sixth gen overused fest! I assure you, you will be tested ahead of time, so you should prepare yourself for competition everywhere!


Not all the competitors will be required to play every week. Depending on the size of the nations, that could get messy. But, we will make sure that there's an extent of fairness between the all participants. It's not right that someone would sign up for such a thing and not be allowed to participate.


The thread will be made in the near future. Something like a week or so, just to allow for further examination on everything's stability. Also; you might have noticed that I referenced Rooreeloo earlier. I did this because I'm not alone on this project! Rooreeloo has just as much input and control over this as I do; and I do wish for you to respect what he has to say regarding it. He's the real reason PokeNations is coming to Reborn, so that deserves respect! He can and will if necessary, give out any sort of warning or punishment regarding PokeNations activity. We'll be in contact quite regularly about the status of things, so often decisions are made by us jointly, but that leaves no reason why he could not act alone.

Anyway, I hope that gives you enough insight to interest you, without spoiling too much! I hope you're looking forward to this and will check out the thread!


More of you shall know what this is! For those of you that don't, I'll take a second out to explain the basic details.


Create-A-Pokémon, or CAP for short, is a project that multiple communities have taken up. It was originally designed to make Pokémon for fun, so people could have creative freedom and feel connected towards the designs they wanted to make and the game they loved. Some, however, decided to take a more competitive approach! They incorporate the community into it, taking a collective that wishes to make a joint creation come to life on a medium such as Pokémon Online! That's us!

As for the more advanced information; that takes a small backstory. Here at Reborn, we have had 1.5 creations. The first, Grimolt, had been created successfully. The second, which doesn't even have a name, did not. The issue here, is that there was no linear pathing for the processes to undertake. There was just a large sandbox to play in, and that did not allow for the proverbial sandcastle to be built.


That's where I come in! I've decided to make the process have a more linear and direct system, which means that there will be specific times that pieces will happen, specific orders that they will happen in, and limitations as to not get carried away.

This will start sometime after the PokeNations is running smoothly, just so I can have proper time to manage everything effectively. Expect a 2-4 week period after it starts.


Codename: COUGH

Alright, this is a project that I will be handling alone. There's not much to say about it; other than inclusion will be limited after I get it up and running. It's designed to question and change the idea of the metagame..but take heed. Just because you might be considered 'good', doesn't mean you'll get access to everything. Limited access will be given to all. For now, I've said enough on the topic. You'll just have to wait and see what's in store!

(49 replies)
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