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PokePlace Reborn- Recent News -
13.2 Take two -
On 09/12/2014 by Amethyst

Let's try this again. For whatever reason, almost none of our script fixes for 13.1 actually uploaded (???) including solutions for potential freezes. Hopefully, however, this will be the last re-upload I have to do for 13


13.2 should include the following improvements:

  • Power Items fixed, again
  • Escape Rope/Dig fixed for moving to water tile, again
  • Fixed North Azurine Crash whencoming from Celestinine B2F
  • Fixed Corrosive Mist destruction moves failing
  • Growlithe now properly obtainable pre-3rd gym
  • Level cap corrected to increase at Charlotte, not Samson, again
  • Mold Breaker fixed with Levitate, again
  • 'Last Pokemon' in battle text added for most important battles


Download page links have been updated. Sorry for the continued issues. 

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E13.1 Bug Fixes -
On 09/09/2014 by Amethyst



As of just a moment ago the game download page has been outfitted with links to "13.1" downloads, which is Episode 13 including the following bug fixes:

  • Levitate with Mold Breaker
  • Level cap raising at Samson instead of Charlotte
  • Freezing tile 7,39 in Calcenon Gym
  • Void chunks at Beryl/Rhodocrine/Jasper/Rhodocrine
  • Sableye Crystal being weird
  • Department Store lady is no longer a 'ho
  • Victoria auto rejoins at Pyrous
  • Can no longer elope to have merry adventures without the E13 storyline
  • Aya no longer ditches you when you lose after healing at LCCC
  • Dig/Escape Rope no longer crash when escaping to water
  • Power Items fixed
  • PULSE Muk Sp.Atk reduced (not a bug, but, it happened.)
  • Other minor things

I do encourage all players to update to this version. If you're coming from Episode 13.0 already, there's nothing special you need to do. If you're just now jumping the E13 train, make sure your previous save file is NOT outdoors in Reborn City, Chrysolia Forest, Agate Circus or the rocky areas of Route 2.

(46 replies)
Reborn XIII: Cascade -
On 09/06/2014 by Amethyst

Seems like something is about to go down... literally.






Before updating to Episode 13, make sure you are NOT saved outdoors in any of the following locations:

  • Reborn City
  • Agate Circus
  • Chrysolia Forest
  • Rocky areas of Route 2 (Grassy areas are OK)


Aside from that, enjoy! The download link is below the changelist:



Notable Changes:
* Some shiny Pokemon have been recoloured- this will be an ongoing process
All 1st, 2nd & 6th gen Pokemon
* The Crit Chance table has been updated to 6th gen
* The following abilities have been added, fixed or technically improved in some way:
Mega Launcher Fairy Aura Dark Aura Aura Break
Pixilate Effect Spore Gooey Defiant
* The following moves have been added, fixed or technically improved in some way:
Snarl Knock Off Low Sweep String Shot
Toxic Spiky Shield Sticky Web Hurricane
Camouflage Topsy-Turvy Forest's Curse Trick-or-Treat
* The following items have been added, fixed or technically improved in some way:
Shell Bell Binding Band
* The following areas have been modified to reduce lag:
Reborn City
Chrysolia Forest
Route 2/Agate Circus
* Ability, move and Pokedex descriptions have been adjusted to fit in-game space
* A team of interior designers has visited the region to spruce up previously bland homes
* The Department Store has revamped its selection and flooring. All sticker events have been reset, as well as on-hand stickers have been returned to 0. The highest reachable floor is now currently 9F.
* TV programs can now be skipped before-hand
* A library has been added to the Beryl Ward. The second floor of the library is the 'Battle Study', featuring descriptions of all currently existing field effects.
* The level cap for each badge step is now listed on the Trainer Card
* Trapping move damage has been updated to 6th gen
* Ultra Potions have been added to the game, healing 120 HP per use.
* Pokesnax can now be fed to party Pokemon, increasing happiness a small amount.
* The PC bug that occasionally deleted held Pokemon has been fixed.
* EV and HP-type control has been added for trainers
* Night has been brightened and weather systems, specifically sun and thunderstorms, have been made less intense.
* Transforming or destroying any Field Effect now grants a x1.3 power bonus.
* Attacks with less than a x0.25 effectiveness no longer become completely ineffective.
* AI changes: A work in progress. These are experimental, and more will come in future releases
Trainers will now properly use custom healing items, such as Ice Creams (previously they held them  but could only stare at the items in confusion)
Trainers will now consider their stat boosts when deciding if they should switch out
Opponents now more likely to choose good moves in general
Opponents take type effectiveness into greater consideration
* Shelly has received a new Field Effect, updated team, and now fights in doubles.
* Shade has received a new Field Effect and an updated team.
* Quicksave and Script-hanging autosave now ask the player if they want to save first.
* Breeding Mechanics have been updated to 6th gen.
#---------------------------- Field Effect changes  ---------------------------#
(See "Field Effect Manual.txt" for full listing)
*----- The following Field Effects have been added:
Icy Field
Rocky Field
Forest Field
Superheated Field
Factory Field
Short-circuit Field
*----- Electric Field
* Camouflage becomes Electric
*----- Grassy Field
* Is no longer transformed into Burning Field during Rain or Water Sport
* Camouflage becomes Grass
*----- Misty Field
* Camouflage becomes Fairy
*----- Chess Board
* Camouflage becomes Psychic
*----- Pitch Black Field
* Doom Desire, Technoblast, Powergem now gain a x1.5 boost in power
* Camouflage becomes Dark
*----- Big Top
* Camouflage becomes Normal
*----- Burning Field
* Now activates Blaze
* No longer damages Pokemon with Heatproof
* Camouflage becomes Fire
*----- Swamp Field
* Camouflage becomes Water
*----- Rainbow Field
* Now created by activating Rain during Sun or Sun during Rain
* Camouflage becomes Dragon
*----- Corrosive Field
* Now activates Venoshock
* No longer damages Pokemon with Immunity
* Camouflage becomes Poison
*----- Corrosive Mist Field
* Now activates Venoshock
* Camouflage becomes Poison
*----- Desert Field
* Due to Gen VI changes, Sand Tomb now deals 1/6 HP per turn, up from a non-field-altered 1/8
* Camouflage becomes Ground

(124 replies)
Game On + New Forum Mods -
On 09/01/2014 by Amethyst

Brief announcement-- no, it's not episode 13 sit down, ya hooligans


Firstly, Blind Guardian been working hard at keeping the Reborn section forums under wraps, and as such he's moving up to a Global Moderator position. Further, everyone's favorite local farm animal Sheep will be joining him after some notable recommendations from the staff. Congrats to those two, and thanks for your hard work!

(you know, I typed that farm animal comment, forgetting about the young Cowtao... pretty soon we're going to be able to sing old McDonald with our forum mod team... what sound does a Blind Guardian make?)



As anybody who scrolls down on the board ever might notice, we also have a new forum section. We're unplugging the video games from the radio tower (how you gonna play games on a radio anyway?) and giving them their own section. In the coming future we also might look to endorse more games besides Pokemon (we've hosted LoL and Minecraft in the past- what else?), but for now, the topics will have a new home. We'll get those transferred over shortly, but feel free to post away in the mean time. 




And if anyone dares make a Yugioh reference out of the topic title, I will actually change all of your profile information to be Tristan. You don't want to be that useless, right? Don't test me.


...Mooooo~ -Cowtao

(58 replies)
The Field Effect Factory's Latest Product Line! -
On 08/29/2014 by Amethyst

If there's anything Reborn has going for it, it's industry. Factories, business offices and other corporate centers are spread out all across the region and players have already seen the quality production machines hard at work. Now, the Field Effect Factory's machines can be your own, both in battles and out them for the low price of one Episode 13! Check out the product descriptions below and place your order today for the Factory Field, and the Short-circuit Field! - Click either of those links or the images below to jump to the Field Effect page for their descriptions!

Warranty not included.

Finally, Ace Members have some work to do. Get to it, friends.

(40 replies)
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