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Pokemon Reborn: Recent News -
Level Up! -
On 01/26/2015 by Amethyst

Or.. maybe it's more like evolution? Idk.


In the most unsurprising announcement we've had in months, we've got a couple promotions...


First up is Jericho, taking on a Global Moderating position! He's been allll over the PR forums helping out newcomers and veterans alike, and quite frankly the auth are tired of him dragging topics by the barrel into the Report Center... just kidding, of course! But he's been a huge help all over the place, and no doubt he'll continue to be. 


Secondly is Blind Guardian with his apparently bi-monthly promotion! Blind is stepping up as a Leader on the showdown server and will be continuing to help me out with other tasks around the site. He has already been a tremendous help to both myself and the rest of the community, including getting newcomers acclimated to our rules, to starting and managing a project with a number of the other auth and users, and everything in between, and he shows no signs of slowing now.


On that note, the said project is taking place in the Onyx Trainer School forum, where a host of users have been hard at work producing a bunch of articles for everyone to read. If you haven't already, and you think competitive battling might be your thing, mosey on down there and have a read!


That aside, congratulations to these two, and to you both, a personal 'thank you' from me.



As a final note, we are expecting to get our Showdown URL/registration back in Febuary... soon... so soon......... so hang tight with that!

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The Report Button -
On 01/17/2015 by Nona Severa

Hello folks,
As some of you may know, we have a 'report' function on the forums. Leaving a report gives moderators a notification that there is something that needs attention, so it is a very useful and -almost- integral part of our jobs.
....which is fanstastic, if only it were used consistantly. The current ritual for forum infractions by most of the community seems to be as follows: Immediately point out the problem and encourage a fix, and leave without leaving a report.
This is detrimental to all parties involved in one form or another, whereas the 'Report' function would make fixing the problem seamless and maintaining the forums much, much easier.
How does using the report button help out the person making the infraction?
Nobody likes being ridiculed in public (unless you're some sort of masochist or attention hog, but that's beside the point.). The report button, contrary to popular belief, doesn't "condemn" the person who made the infraction, and in fact, does so -less- than calling them out with a responding post. When a moderator tackles the issue, the following discussion between the user and the mod can be held privately, which spares the user any embarassment.
How does using the report button help out the thread author?
It keeps the thread on topic. Nobody is wasting post space by complaining a forum rule being broken, Mods aren't swooping in to fix issues, Users aren't apologizing. The author keeps his or her right to a continuous, on-topic discussion.
How does using the report button help out the Moderators?
It pinpoints problems and saves us the trouble of swimming in "Thread Hell" to look for infractions, or -worse-....assuming there are not problems to be fixed in the first place, which leads to misplaced complacency on our end and increased workload on people who are much more meticulous by nature. To put this in perspective, let me provide a scenario.
Reports automatically cause a red notification to appear in Hilda's left-hand site menu. When a report is made and Hilda logs into the forums, she can see that -something- needs immediate attention and can easily find and rectfiy the problem.
Let's say there aren't any reports made however. This causes Hilda to believe that the coast is clear, and on most days, will cause her to attend to her own projects and read the threads she's interested in. Just because there isn't a report, doesn't mean there isn't something I can fix, but if I were to look for it, I would have to look in thread after thread, and page after page, to find the infraction.
If I'm lazy, well.....that doesn't happen, and the problem either doesn't get fixed, or it gets fixed by someone like Amethyst or Dan, who have made at least more of a habit to read threads a bit more meticulously than I have. Since Ame and Dan are kinda responsible for making the game and fixing bugs first and foremost, they really don't need to be doing -my- job better than I am, where fixing mistakes in the forums is half of my given responsibility in the first place.
It's a two way street here folks. I -do- need to step up my efforts and ensure things are not left unattended, but it would be a WHOLE lot easier if instead of calling the person out and walking away, we use the report option instead. We as moderators then wouldn't have to play 'Hide and Seek' with the infractions!
How does using the report button help YOU?
You don't have to be "that guy". Part of a moderator's job is to deal with infractions and those making them, and sometimes that doesn't make us very many friends. Using the report button would put the target rightfully where it belongs - not on you guys. It also allows you to respond to the poster as you would if the post was clean and gives you the right to continuous relevant conversation.
TL;DR - From double posting to extremely insensitive content, and everything in between, instead of playing the hero or being the messenger, just USE the report button. It's beneficial for EVERYONE involved!
~ Hilda, Forum Team.

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Facebook Event Pokemon Giveaway! -
On 12/31/2014 by Amethyst

Hey! So as of a moment ago, we've got a shiny brand new Facebook page for the site and game. Older members might remember that we did have a Reborn FB group clinging to some strand of life for a while, but we're converting to something that actually makes sense for our community.

If you've got Facebook, check out our page here:

And as an extra incentive, we're doing a give-away drawing this week! All you have to do to enter is like the post on our Facebook page and you'll be entered in the drawing for one of two chances to win. The reward? You might be sur-prized...
For their Pokemon Reborn save file,
One winner will receive the infamous Lord Goomy,
And the other, the ever-elusive Dratini!
The drawing will be held on January 7th, so don't miss out on this chance to score these currently unavailable Pokemon! Just head over to the page and give the post a 'Like'!

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PSA: The Way of the Bump, and How To Do So -
On 12/29/2014 by Nona Severa

Hi guys~
One of these days, I kinda want to hold an 'Ask Me Anything' and post it here in this nifty 'Mews' section so that the "way of the forums" becomes crystal clear as well as probably set the tone for giving out a little bit of information about who the heck I am (if other mods want to do the same thing), but that's not the matter of business at hand today, so moving right along...
It's recently come to the auths' attention that we as a community have no way to adequately bump threads when they are updated. Most thread users are giving their utmost effort to obey community rules and don't know how to shout out their new information from their desk chairs without "hard-bumping", or having to post for the sole purpose of bumping the thread to the top for the forum.
Hard bumps often come with risks. For example, if no discussion from other parties has taken place after the last post from the thread author, and the author wants to bump a thread with new information, their post would be considered a "double-post", because there are two posts from the same person one right after another. This -has- been deliberated and, so long as your new information is in the post, this will be the only time double-posting will be OK.
Another risk thread authors run would be reviving old threads, committing the forum sin known as "Necroposting". If you haven't seen my stickied thread about the topic, you should. Somewhere in there is a subsequent discussion about updating a seemingly dormant thread with new information. Again, as long as the new information is in the thread, you ARE allowed to revive the thread. My thread concerning necroposting is found in the pinned section of the Grand Hall forum.
Hopefully this clears a few things up. Bumping is an essential part of forum activity and other sites have silent bumps. It is very likely that this will be talked about in quite a few staff meetings because silent bumps are indeed useful. Unfortunately, they are also easy to abuse. Perhaps you guys can enlighten us from your own forum experiences about different ways we can go about this, so that abuse is minimalized and efficiency is increased.
Thank you all for your time, and now we shall bring you to your regularly scheduled program. Sorry, Episode 15 is not here yet.
~ Hilda, Forum Team.

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E14.1 Bug Fixes -
On 12/19/2014 by Amethyst

Let's hope the changes, you know, saved this time.

E14.1 has been uploaded to the game download page this morning. It features the following changes/fixes to these bugs for E14:

  • Sprite background/naming corrections
  • Moxie
  • Hidden ability expression
  • Beat-up AI
  • Suzy event checker
  • Metal pole headbutt
  • Crashing dive map
  • Beta waterfall issue
  • Ability Capsule vendor in Circus
  • Escape Rope in Ametrine 7/8F
  • Incorrect auto-play on Ametrine chase events after losing once
  • Calcenon Aster event repeating
  • Honey tree graphic not displaying
  • Department Store consistency
  • Destiny Knot crashing breeding
  • Additional Ability Capsules in mid-game
  • Grime-water unfishable from bag
  • Drought/Drizzle creating rainbows
  • Imposter
  • PC deletion glitch
  • Item cancellation glitch
  • Other minor fixes

As usual, I do recommend all players to update to this version. There shouldn't be any issues updating from E14, but as with all updates, if you're concerned, feel free to make a copy of your save file before updating. 

(46 replies)
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