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Pokemon Reborn: Recent News -
Heyyyy, you're cute! -
On 03/01/2015 by Amethyst

And so is Cain.



Thanks to a very talented friend of mine we've gotten some 'official' art up in here, starting with one of Reborn's most popular characters! As a result, I'm proud to announce that for the first time we actually have a wallpaper for users, both PC and Mobile, to download and use for themselves!




Click the above image to go to the page, or find it on the main site or at this link. This wallpaper comes in a total of 12 resolutions, so your machine's size is nearly guaranteed to be covered. Unlike him. Cain fans, do try to control yourselves.


Do enjoy the wallpaper or at least the art!

And, stay tuned, because Cain isn't going to be alone for too long...

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Reborn 14.5 Update -
On 02/27/2015 by Amethyst

About time.
So in case you've missed the dev blog post about it we've got a 14.5 update coming out. Like our past X.5 updates, this is NOT a content release (sorry). However, we had to make a number of significant changes:

  • ORAS content
  • Essentials v15 update
  • Additional anti-lag map adjustments
  • All moves/items/abilities implemented
...All of which you can read in more detail about in the dev blog forum and linked topic. In any case, some of this stuff (especially the last two bullets) can be pretty dramatic changes in which simple oversights will cause fatal crashes. Although we've already ironed out the worst, please DO NOT consider this a stable release. We will appreciate any reports of issues in it, hence the public release, but all players in 14.5 are advised to save frequently. For these reasons, this download will not be replacing the links on the main game page.
PLEASE do not save outdoors in any of the following areas before updating-
You will have a bad time. Indoors is fine:
  • Reborn City
  • Chrysolia Forest
  • Spinel Town
  • Route 2
Additionally, consider visiting a Center in the update -before- using moves like Teleport.
Again, please remember that this is an unstable, non-content release and adjust your expectations accordingly. The download link is below the hulking change-list. 

NOTE: Pre-Agate dive areas will not be accessible until the canon return to those locations
  • * 1st-4th and 6th gen shiny sprites have been recoloured. And Woobat. Because we seriously get a "bug report" about Woobat's sprite like every three days, c'mon. 5th gen and Mega sprites will receive shinies in future updates. 
  • * The following abilities have been scripted, fixed or technically improved in some way:
Cheek Pouch Aroma Veil Telepathy Pressure
Analytic Infiltrator Parental Bond Symbiosis
Moxie Pickpocket Magician Gooey
Primordial Sea Desolate Land Delta Stream Teravolt
Turboblaze Illusion Flower Veil Aftermath
(All abilities are now implemented)
  • * The following moves have been scripted, fixed or technically improved in some way:
Dragon Ascent Origin Pulse Precipice Blades Copycat
Protect Detect King's Shield Spiky Shield
Endure Wide Guard Quick Guard Final Gambit
Fusion Flare Fusion Bolt Diamond Storm Steam Eruption
Flame Burst Magnetic Flux Fairy Lock Ally Switch
Last Resort Hyperspace Hole Payback Wonder Room
Fell Stinger Crafty Shield Quash After You
Me First Flower Shield Retaliate Rototiller
Thousand Waves Powder Electrify Ion Deluge
Sky Drop Mat Block Thousand Arrows Electroweb
(All moves are now implemented)
  • * The following items have been scripted, fixed or technically improved in some way:
Eject Button Red Card Rocky Helmet Air Balloon
Red Orb Blue Orb Prison Bottle Assault Vest
ORAS Mega Stones
(All items are now implemented)
  • * The following areas have been touched up to reduce lag, at least a little:
Byxbysion Wasteland Chrysolia Forest Peridot Ward
Beryl Ward Spinel Town Jasper Ward
Opal Ward Central Obsidia North Obsidia
South Obsidia Route 2
This has the effect of resetting some trainers and other events in the area.
  • * The timing of sending out Pokemon has been updated to properly happen at the end of a round, instead of before end-of-round-effects or mid-attack in double battles.
  • * ORAS Megas have been implemented (note: This does not mean already available)
  • * Diancie, Hoopa and Volcanion have been implemented
  • * Heavy Rain, Harsh Sun and Strong Winds have been added
  • * Ally Switch's effect has been altered to switch the user with a Pokemon in the party on -1 priority
  • * The 7th Street and Agate Circus move tutors have been updated to ORAS Moves. A new tutor has been added to each place.
  • * All HMs have been converted to TM-variants and can now be forgotten at will
  • * Quick Jump Tauros have been added to the ends of Route 1, appearing after a certain part of the story
  • * IV Breeding issues should be resolved
  • * Ability Capsules should be more reliable
#---------------------------- Base Essentials changes (v15.0)  ---------------------------#
  • * The following abilities have been fixed or technically improved in some way:
  • Abilities activating on damage
  • * The following moves have been fixed or technically improved in some way:
  • Sweet Scent Helping Hand Assist Fling
  • Grudge Destiny Bond
  • * The following items have been fixed or technically improved in some way:
  • Honey Repels Quick Claw Shell Bell
  • Life Orb
  • * Pokémon can now relearn a move it knew when the player obtained/hatched it.
  • * Chance of a wild encounter when using Rock Smash is now 25%.
  • * Fishing was made easier.
  • * AI improvements/tweaks
  • * Weather now tints to time of day
  • * The enemy party balls in battle against two opposing trainers now have 3 balls for each trainer, rather than all 6 for the first trainer.
  • * Pokémon holding Exp Shares now gain Exp even if there are no non-fainted Pokémon who would gain Exp normally from the opponent (e.g. because of Selfdestruct).

Please consider keeping your base E14 file until the E15 release, in case there are any major issues in 14.5 you need to work around. Your save file will be compatible with either version, except in cases of saving in the above-listed areas.
Click here to download!

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Class Up -
On 02/23/2015 by Amethyst

You know after 5 years of doing this I'm really starting to run out of interesting titles for promotional news posts.


Let's start with the server. We've been a little short-handed on the mod-erinos lately, so we're pulling in a mass draft here. Each to cover each other, we've got all three of Jericho, Hilda, and Cowtao stepping up to bat for the big @ on Showdown! The trio's coming in hot off the press from forum moderation, so you know the place will be in good hands.


But wait, there's more! With several forum mods redirecting their attention to the server we also wanted to get an extra hand or two (well, preferably two since I don't know how many one-handed member's we've got...) helping out around here. For that, we're welcoming Tacos and Flowers* to the staff!


*Soon to be just Flowers because tacos tend to get eaten pretty quickly around these parts.


Congratulations to the four of them, and from me, thank you all for your continued, and in the last case, upcoming effort and hard work.




As an aside, showdown registration. Showdown, showdown, showdown... oh goodness. I have been told by a potentially reliable source that registration is open and I submitted our request several days ago. I have yet to hear back, but as always, it's really just an 'any day now thing'. God bless server registration........


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State of the Showdown -
On 02/09/2015 by Amethyst

Just to put a stop to some of the statuses-


Yes, the server is currently down.

It's not under our control-- it's a problem on Showdown's end. They are currently working to fix it.

As for registration, we continue to be told that server registration will be open in a few days. 




Server is now online.

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Level Up! -
On 01/26/2015 by Amethyst

Or.. maybe it's more like evolution? Idk.


In the most unsurprising announcement we've had in months, we've got a couple promotions...


First up is Jericho, taking on a Global Moderating position! He's been allll over the PR forums helping out newcomers and veterans alike, and quite frankly the auth are tired of him dragging topics by the barrel into the Report Center... just kidding, of course! But he's been a huge help all over the place, and no doubt he'll continue to be. 


Secondly is Blind Guardian with his apparently bi-monthly promotion! Blind is stepping up as a Leader on the showdown server and will be continuing to help me out with other tasks around the site. He has already been a tremendous help to both myself and the rest of the community, including getting newcomers acclimated to our rules, to starting and managing a project with a number of the other auth and users, and everything in between, and he shows no signs of slowing now.


On that note, the said project is taking place in the Onyx Trainer School forum, where a host of users have been hard at work producing a bunch of articles for everyone to read. If you haven't already, and you think competitive battling might be your thing, mosey on down there and have a read!


That aside, congratulations to these two, and to you both, a personal 'thank you' from me.



As a final note, we are expecting to get our Showdown URL/registration back in Febuary... soon... so soon......... so hang tight with that!

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