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Pokemon Reborn: Recent News -
Pixelmon Thread 2: Electric Boogaloo -
On 02/05/2016 by One Punch Dan

Greetings Reborn people who haven't yet ousted me for a lack of forum presence! (oops)

I bring to you news of that thing you voted for sometime last month!

Details are as follows: 

Generous gesture from a friend of the community has us on an available game server which we've setup to use the latest (at the time of this writing) Forge server and Pixelmon versions which has been paid for the year. It is just a basic Forge server with Pixelmon and 1 plugin (a neat haunted towers one) enabled at the moment with potentially more customizations to come in the future if it's desired.


Getting started:
Those of you who have never played Pixelmon before, you have 2 solid options for getting set up.


The easier method is navigating over to the downloads section on the main Pixelmon site and check out the standalone Pixelmon launcher [there's a good post with closer details on installation over on the wiki site!].

Those of you who don't want to use the Pixelmon launcher have to take a few more steps but I'll include this one because I don't really like the launcher yet myself:
Download one of the Pixelmon cores from the downloads (don't run it though, just leave it as-is!) and be sure to get a copy of the Minecraft Forge installer for 1.8.9 over on their site [as a note, the Pixelmon launcher uses Forge version]. Run the Forge installer and choose the "client" option and then toss the Pixelmon core you downloaded earlier into the "mods" folder in your Minecraft install directory.

Once you've done so you're all set to go!

Start up Minecraft, go to multiplayer and connect to the new server @

I'll put this page up alongside the other Minecraft server as this server is not replacing the current one but is going up alongside it. :D

We hope you enjoy it!

If you have any questions or comments (or are mad at me for lack of forum presence oops) or want me to elaborate on any confusion you might have in getting set up feel free to let me know! I'll be on the server tonight as always so you can let me know there or in this thread. Going to add this information onto the minecraft page on the main site as well in a bit, bear with me until then.

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If you wish to slay a dragon... -
On 01/30/2016 by Amethyst

...then you must enter the Dragon's Den.




The theme of the lava-ridden draconic chambers has been something seen in canon Pokemon games several times already, but never has it had any pull on the flow of battle before. Highlighting and firelighting the danger of fighting a beast on its home turf and in the heat of battle, the Dragon's Den Field Effect skyrockets the offensive capabilities of its premier type, while covering their historic weakness in its ambient presence. 


"If you wish to slay a dragon..."
  • Dragon type attacks increase in base power x2
  • Fire type attacks increase in base power x1.5
  • Water and Ice type attacks decrease in base power x0.5
  • Activates Marvel Scale
  • Multiscale additionally annulls user's Dragon type's weaknesses at all times
  • These moves increase in base power x2 and apply additional Fire type damage:
    • Smack Down
    • Thousand Arrow
  • These moves increase in base power x2:
    • Pay Day
    • Dragon Ascent
  • These moves increase in base power x1.5:
    • Lava Plume
    • Magma Storm
    • Mega Kick
  • Magma Storm deals 1/6 Max HP damage per turn (from 1/8)
  • Pokemon with the following abilities have their defenses boosted on switch-in:
    • Magma Armor
  • Magma Armor additionally protects from Fire Attacks
  • The stat-changing effect of these moves is amplified:
    • Noble Roar
    • Dragon Dance
  • These moves transform this field into a Cave after two uses:
    • Surf
    • Muddy Water
  • These moves transform this field into a Cave Field:
    • Glaciate
  • Nature Power becomes Dragon Pulse
  • Camouflage changes the user's type to Dragon
  • Secret Power may burn



In the end, it's a simple question: can you take the heat?


By the way, most people can probably assume where this Field is likely to show up, but interestingly enough, it'll actually be used in two upcoming gyms. Now, why would that be?


With prior updates just about done, it's finally time for me to get on with the new content development. Here's hoping I get to the next field soon. Until then, stay cool-- you'll need to. 

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Fielding Some Questions -
On 01/10/2016 by Amethyst

Or one question, really. I asked it in the Amplifield Rock topic...

After all, come E16, one line of Pokemon will be able to use it to reverse a type match-up completely. Can you guess which?

And the answer-- several people guessed it-- is the Malamar line! Congratulations, here's your prize: It's the first field announcement for E16!
I had all but confirmed the Inverse Field previously after a discussion on the server/forum, but here we are. It is the simplest field in the game, but the simplicity packs a fair amount of depth.
On top of that, likely few people anticipated the Inverse Field to be one of the handful of fields that can be generated with a certain move, but here we are. I'm looking forward to seeing if, where and how players use this field in game!
Here are the relatively few details for this field:

  • "!trats elttaB"
  • The type chart is inverted
  • Created for 3 turns by Topsy Turvy unless the user is holding an Everstone
  • Nature Power becomes Trick Room
  • Camouflage changes the user's type to Normal
  • Secret Power may inflict confusion
To clarify a few things in advance, Noel will not be getting this field for his gym battle (post-game might be fun...), nor will it be used in the main story. It's strictly for post-game+player use+the sake of having inverse battles.
Sidequests might be fair game though... In fact since Fields can affect the overworld in certain places now, I have a pretty fun idea for a puzzle that depends on switching in and out of Inverse Field.  ^~^
Until next time!

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"It's been over a month, how 'bout that new hold item?" -
On 12/19/2015 by Amethyst

How about it, then?
yeah yeah i'm slow

Though I've already dropped more than enough hints about it by now, I'll formally introduce the Amplifield Rock!
The Amplifield Rock joins its companions such as Damp Rock et al. as a somewhat rarer variant in the line of prolonging stones. But it would not be rare if it did not have some value.
Originally contrived as an item to enable Field Effect-based teams to play on their home turf a little longer, the Amplifield Rock extends the effect of all generated Field Effects by several turns, so you can get a little more Rainbow, Mist, or what have you in your life. Note that this applies specifically to generated field effects, as in when you create an effect, and not when you're temporarily transforming an existing effect such as Dark Crystal Cavern to Crystal Cavern.  
But wait, there's more!
Not to be overlooked by those uninterested in running Field-specific teams, the Amplifield Rock has a couple other neat uses. You'll note that the description does not specify Field Effects, but rather area-altering moves. That does include Field Effects, but also things such as Gravity and-- dare I say it? Trick Room. 
Maybe being slow won't be so bad after all...
Used correctly, this new item makes options that once might have been written off as gimmicks into something practical. It may be for themed teams or just those looking to exploit an opponent's strengths as much as their weaknesses... After all, come E16, one line of Pokemon will be able to use it to reverse a type match-up completely. Can you guess which?

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Tales of Aegis Past -
On 11/11/2015 by Amethyst

"History has a habit of letting little girls wander past the forest's edge, only to be swallowed up by any number of enchantments beyond.
She awakens in a tower,
A dragon guards her, its fangs bared to the world, brimstone breath faithfully reserved for whatever metal-clad ignoramus thinks himself so mighty that even fire may not char his miserable flesh.
But, there is one who can slay the beast..."

Another new wallpaper is up! The image may be familiar, but fans of the leader with a temper matched in sharpness only by her blade won't want to miss out here. As always, all common resolutions for PC and mobile are included!


Titania's wallpaper/banner art come courtesy of Diana (same cool gal who did Cain's).



Next up, details on a new hold item debuting in E16.

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