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PokePlace Reborn- Recent News -
PZA Scoreboard + Promotions -
On 10/14/2014 by Amethyst

By the time I post this several of you will already notice the PZA Scoreboard page linked from the forums and site. On this page you can see each alliance's types and headcount, as well as the distribution and ownership of cores. Hopefully it comes in handy as you plot your dastardly take down of each others' groups. <3


Speaking of things people have probably already noticed, Blind Guardian is stepping up to a server mod position (which should be unsurprising, considering he gets a promotion of some kind like every month...) ...anyway, he totally deserves it. Secondly, Godot is also ascending the latter of justice, obtaining the legendary Hammer of Bans as he becomes a server admin. Congratulations to both of them, and thank you both for your hard work!

(23 replies)
Ari & Decibel ride in to battle! -
On 10/12/2014 by Amethyst



Coming at you hot with two new protagonists for Pokemon Reborn!


In some forum post or another a suggestion came out for a non-binary protagonist, which actually made me realize that we needed alternate race characters. So Kuro and Lucia hit the scene in 10.5, and now we're making good on that initial suggestion! I'll talk a little bit elsewhere about why this didn't happen sooner, but in the mean time take a peek at the newest sacrifices for the death train playable characters coming in E14!


Introducing the two non-binary protagonists...






...and Decibel!




Remember, like with Adrienn, the proper pronouns for non-binary individuals are xe/xem/xyr in place of he/him/his.


In E14, existing save files will be able to switch to the new protagonists at the Grand Hall or the Agate Circus, if they so wish. Look forward to it!

(68 replies)
Pokemon: Zero Alliance event! -
On 10/06/2014 by Amethyst

Some of you might remember when Nations had its first rocky start, I mentioned I would be taking over that project. Obviously that didn't happen, but why let the ideas I had for it go to waste? Since Nations has been running well enough for a while, it's time to introduce my... slightly more cut-throat... spin-off: the Pokemon: Zero Alliance game.


As before, each player will join a group, this time known as an Alliance. Each Alliance will own certain types, and players will be restricted to using only the types within their own alliance. But...


The goal of Pokemon: Zero Alliance is to eliminate all other alliances by taking control of their types.


Many of you might be familiar with the concept of the 'zero-sum game' but for those of you who aren't, the idea is that it's a game in which however much you win, you also cause others to lose in the same amount. Victory for your Alliance implies the defeat of another. If you want to win, you'd better be prepared to crush your opponents underfoot. 


This is done by acquiring game pieces called Zero Cores. Zero Cores will be purchasable from the Site Shop in limited quantities, but once they're all in circulation, you'll have to forcibly take them from your opponents.


Each PZA battle should have a wager on it. I encourage players to declare these wagers at the start of each battle. Typically this wager will probably be a Zero Core for a Zero Core; the loser surrenders theirs. I wonder if somebody could be convinced to accept other bets too?


A set amount of time after all Cores are in circulation, we'll have a full count of the total number of cores under each Alliance. At that time, the types will be reset and an auction will be held using Cores as the currency. In other words, the more Cores your nation collects, the more leverage you have to gain types. 


And if, for some reason, your Alliance doesn't have enough Cores to secure any types... then that Alliance is out. Game over.


There are two additional key points:


The first is that when someone makes a PZA challenge, the person who is being challenged has the right to set the rules of the match. That means clauses, tiers, battle format, etc. If someone who you don't think you can beat challenges you, try to get creative! Or pick CC and just get lucky?


The other point is that unlike Nations, all players are allowed to freely leave and join any Alliance. You can pick your team! Isn't that wonderful? But-- uh oh... what if someone betrays your Alliance and carries your hard-earned Cores off to an enemy? That would be simply tragic... I wonder, who can you really trust?


I'll be posting some more detailed rules shortly, but in the mean time feel free to ask any questions you have about the event here.






Check out the Zero Alliance subforum for more details:

~ B. Guardian

(70 replies)
13.2 Take two -
On 09/12/2014 by Amethyst

Let's try this again. For whatever reason, almost none of our script fixes for 13.1 actually uploaded (???) including solutions for potential freezes. Hopefully, however, this will be the last re-upload I have to do for 13


13.2 should include the following improvements:

  • Power Items fixed, again
  • Escape Rope/Dig fixed for moving to water tile, again
  • Fixed North Azurine Crash whencoming from Celestinine B2F
  • Fixed Corrosive Mist destruction moves failing
  • Growlithe now properly obtainable pre-3rd gym
  • Level cap corrected to increase at Charlotte, not Samson, again
  • Mold Breaker fixed with Levitate, again
  • 'Last Pokemon' in battle text added for most important battles


Download page links have been updated. Sorry for the continued issues. 

(95 replies)
E13.1 Bug Fixes -
On 09/09/2014 by Amethyst



As of just a moment ago the game download page has been outfitted with links to "13.1" downloads, which is Episode 13 including the following bug fixes:

  • Levitate with Mold Breaker
  • Level cap raising at Samson instead of Charlotte
  • Freezing tile 7,39 in Calcenon Gym
  • Void chunks at Beryl/Rhodocrine/Jasper/Rhodocrine
  • Sableye Crystal being weird
  • Department Store lady is no longer a 'ho
  • Victoria auto rejoins at Pyrous
  • Can no longer elope to have merry adventures without the E13 storyline
  • Aya no longer ditches you when you lose after healing at LCCC
  • Dig/Escape Rope no longer crash when escaping to water
  • Power Items fixed
  • PULSE Muk Sp.Atk reduced (not a bug, but, it happened.)
  • Other minor things

I do encourage all players to update to this version. If you're coming from Episode 13.0 already, there's nothing special you need to do. If you're just now jumping the E13 train, make sure your previous save file is NOT outdoors in Reborn City, Chrysolia Forest, Agate Circus or the rocky areas of Route 2.

(47 replies)
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