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PokePlace Reborn- Recent News -
Locked In -
On 04/16/2014 by Amethyst

Although it's been floating around in a topic somewhere, a new page has but put on the site, detailing some guidelines for Nuzlocke Challenges in Reborn!


As it says on the page, these are only intended to be a framework to start in, as well as the probably more-helpful recommended list of places to count, currently updated to episode eleve-- ...twelve! spoilers. kind of.


On a different note, since challengers to the online league are now locked-in their trainer card names when challenging, linehosts no longer need to commit each challenger's trainer card name to memory. Accordingly, the Shop Item to change your own Trainer Card name (without losing any badges, of course) has been significantly reduced in price (now $R 300, down from 1000) and has been given a much higher stock limit in the store. Feel free to snag those up as you wish.




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Interview Intermission II-- Arc! -
On 04/14/2014 by Nyrias

So, since you've all been waiting for this, here it is. Our interview with one of the newest leaders in our league, Arc~ also my first thread in Mews and Announcements


As the previous Electric leader once did, welcome to joining us on the front page, Arc! How are you feeling today?



Yo! I'm feeling pretty good, man, thanks for asking.


Good to hear, I'm sure you know by now that everyone has been eagerly awaiting this thread and the answers you have for their questions.



Sure do, yo, and I hope I don't disappoint anyone with any of my answers, though I know I'll probably disappoint a few with one of them.



Let's get down to basics, then! Why did you decide to become a leader?



I actually joined by recommendation of my good friend, Cain. I know some of you will probably know who he is.


That we do, our season one Poison leader~ How has he been doing, by the way? Good?



He's been doing good, yeah. Him and I have been jamming out lately, you know, both of us being music lovers!



Of course, of course. Good to know that he's doing well for himself, next question~ Do you take song requests, or give suggestions?



Yo, I'm always open for song requests, and yeah, I do give suggestions if you want. Just hit me up when I'm online.



Nice, I'm sure people will take you up on that offer. What do you think of Adrienn?



Xe's cool. We hang out quite a bit, you know, both being new leaders and all. It's nice to have someone else around who's also new to this.



I'm sure it is nice, I wouldn't want to be the only new kid around either. So you and xem get along well, then?



Of course we do, I mean xe's the first friend that I've had who doesn't identify to either gender and I find that interesting about xem.



Aww, that's sweet. That answer leads me to our next question~ Does your heart pump for any of the other leaders? Could you say you're in love?



Heh, while I appreciate the curiousity, no. Nothing like that between me and any of the other leaders. Sorry to disappoint those who like relationship drama.



Darn, so that means no spark between you and any of them? Disappointing! Regardless, next question so we don't linger too long~ What's your favourite Pokemon?



Jolteon, yo. By far my favorite Pokemon and nothing can change that.



That's what I expected from an Electric leader, good choice! What do you do with your hair in the mornings?



Just hair gel, man. Gotta learn how to style your hair the way you want it to be. That's how I do it.



What frequency do you usually DJ with?



Can't say I recall, man. Haven't been DJing nearly as much lately because I've had to dedicate some time to learning other things involving the league. Maybe I'll come back later with an answer.



If you were to specialize in one type, other than Electric, what would you choose?



I think Dragon. Dragons are pretty cool, and as much as Electric synergizes with Water, I don't think I'd be able to do Water.



While she's not here and not doing your interview, what's your opinion on Gossip Gardevoir?



She's alright, I guess. A bit too much of a gossip for my tastes, but hey, it's in her name, and I'm sure people love her for that too.



Alright, coming up on the last questions here.. Would you join one of the "evil" teams? If so, which one would you choose?



If by "evil" teams, you mean all of the antagonist teams.. Galactic or Plasma. Don't know why, just leaning towards those.



If you had your pick of any type to be leader, including Electric, which would it be?



Dragon or Dark, one of those two. I find interest in the Pokemon of those types just as much as I do in Electric.



Last question! If you could use only one Pokemon for the rest of your life, what would it be?



Jolteon, all the way.



Alright, thanks for joining us for this interview, Arc! It was nice having you and I'm glad you took the time to answer all of the questions that the challengers had for you.



No problem, man, it was fun. Maybe that quenched the knowledge thirst of some people.



I'm sure it did~ And until next time, bye~






I'm sorry that it was shorter than Sigmund's interview with Gardevoir, but I'm sure it was enough for all of you. Which leader will we be interviewing next? Who knows?

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Episode 12: Demarcation -
On 04/01/2014 by Amethyst



Thanks to everyone's help and the naturally shorter episode content, we were able to get the newest episode finished out and shipped almost immediately! I opted to skip the standard ace/beta time because that has been increasingly disorganized and severely slows down the release times, however I've had several alpha testers play the new content under my personal supervision so it should be stable.

Download link is below the changelist. Enjoy~

Notable Changes:
#---------------------------- Field Effect changes ---------------------------#
    *----- Misty Field
        * Whirlwind will now terminate the field effect.
    *----- The Big Top Field has been added:
#---------------------------------- Big Top ----------------------------------#
"Now presenting...!"
*    Fighting Type attacks and the following moves become High Striker attacks, which have deal a random increment of damage between x1.1 and x2.5
        Strength        Wood Hammer        Dual Chop        Heat Crash        
        Sky Drop        Bulldoze        Icicle Crash    Body Slam
        Stomp            Giga Impact        Pound            Smack Down
        Iron Tail        Meteor Mash        Crabhammer
*    Pokemon with the abilities Sheer Force and Guts will always hit maximum rolls on High Striker attacks.
*    Pokemon with reduced Attack stats will hit lower rolls more often, whereas Pokemon with increased Attack stats will hit higher rolls.
*    The move Acrobatics will always deal double damage.
*     Sound-based attacks receive a x1.3 increase in power.
*    The moves Sky Drop, Fly and Bounce take a single turn. Damage is applied when Focus Punch would be.
*    The following moves gain a x2 increase in power:
*    The follow moves gain a x1.5 increase in power:
        Vine Whip        Power Whip        Fiery Dance        Petal Dance
*    The length of Encore's effect is doubled.
*    The following moves gain double their normal stat-changing effects:
        Dragon Dance    Quiver Dance
*    The base accuracy of the following moves becomes 100:
*    Swords Dance boosts Attack by a total of 3 stages
*    Feather Dance reduces Attack by a total of 3 stages
*    The effect of Rain Dance lasts 8 turns
*    The move Belly Drum increases Defense and Sp. Def by 1 stage each
*    Nature Power becomes Acrobatics
#----------------------------- Other Changes --------------------------------#
*    Some shiny Pokemon have been recoloured- this will be an ongoing process
        All 6th gen Pokemon
*    Back sprites have been updated to a Gen 5 style and unified. However, shiny back sprites not listed above have not been updated.
*    Round 2 of fixing Apophyll Beach crash
*    Mega sprites have been completed. Some high-level trainers will now use Mega Evolution.
*     Reborn's CAP, Grimolt, has been implemented into the game.
*     Due to the high volume of his butthurt haters, Fern has been removed from the game.
*    All pseudolegendaries and starters are now regularly available.
*    The pickup table has been changed again. Only Common Candies can now be found until level 50.
*    Mr. Bigglesworth will now vent his sexual frustration on unsuspecting players in the wasteland until he is defeated.
*     Alternate PULSE forms have been added to the game.
*    Due to system upgrades, unfortunately, all previous save files are now incompatible with the new and future versions of the game.
*    The maximum level has been adjusted to 255. 45 total episodes are planned.
*    A dating system has been implemented for the leaders. Relationship values will now affect the story, featuring good and bad endings for each leader.
*    The player now has option to set fire to Apophyll Academy in retallition for not receiving a badge. Incidentally, this triggers Victoria's 'Bad ending'
*    In order to make the game more challenging, Nuzlocke mode is now being forced. Fainted Pokemon will be deleted permanently.
*    'Dead' Pokemon can be visited at the Beryl Cemetery.
*    Reborn has been outfitted with custom TM moves, most of which are differently type variations of the move Splash.
*    In a last minute retcon of the story, your favorite character has been spontaneously killed.
*    Upon each Pokemon's or character's death a sound file will usurp the background music. It contains a recording of Amethyst's maniacal and sadistic laughter. It will loop infinitely. Even after the game has been closed.



Click here to download!

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And so must ranks shift... -
On 03/31/2014 by Gardevoir

We're a month into Season 3, and for all those involved enough in League, you know what that means! 


It means it's time for me to ramble about the win/loss rates of all the Leaders- now with 100% less rambling! Without going too into detail (unlike last time...), Adrienn is off to a very strong start! Xe currently has the highest win ratio of every Leader that's participated in a battle yet! Well done! ^^


And on the subject of new leaders, a certain DJ Arclight has performed a little less spectacularly, but is still at an exact 50% win rate, which is more than I can say about some of the others... All three of Serra, Saphira, and Anna haven't won a single match yet, unfortunately... I'm sure they'll step it up with that in mind, though! Best of luck!


... And good luck to the challengers as well, because, as they say, it's about to get real! The remaining 6 leaders that have so far been un-involved comprise the Mega and Champion blocks! No more playing around!~



For reference, the results of the rank shift can be found both on the Leader Line-up and the Leader Schedule pages! If you're the type that likes to save time, the schedule image can be seen below-



As before, for those unfamiliar with the Leaders' faces, I'll provide a list as well!-











That's all for now!

And someone let Anna win a match, poor girl!

Rankshift Gardevoir

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A wild Gator appeared! -
On 03/27/2014 by Amethyst

As no doubt all of us have noticed.
Brief explanation of what went down-- basically, as a site we were using too many of our hosts' resources and so they had to suspend us for a bit while we flipped some scripts around to make the site a bit more efficient. If we're lucky, this will also stop the 500 errors that we were getting but as of now it's not 100% certain that we're out of the woods. The settings I changed appear to have made the difference but there isn't really a way to test except for letting the traffic roll in again.
Tl;dr more errors might happen just be ready for that. Or they might not!
On a more positive note, the recent discussions about tier changes have been implemented on the server. I think there are still a couple of kinks to work out with it, but following this we're going to start sectioning out lower tiers for 6th gen and after some settling time may look at Blaziken for suspect.
For everyone's reference, these are the changes that were applied.

Ubers -> OU
OU -> Ubers
Mega Kangaskhan
Mega Gengar
Mega Blaziken
Mega Lucario

And if we find that stuff doesn't work out, it can always be reversed, so no need to get in a tizzy about it~
Tizzy. That's a fun word. You know what else is fun? Spontaneously ending announcements bye!

Hi there, it's Kiozo coming in to add some stuff! Ame gave me permissions to spontaneously add <3
Anywho, for a little while now, I wanted to do three things. I'm only going to hint at what's to come, and we'll see how they develop. At least you know, so if we run into Host vs Process issues again, you know we do have things in development even while this is down!

First, I'd like to address our CAP system. CAP stands for Create-A-Pokémon, and for those of you that don't know, it basically results in us adding a Pokémon that is community created for the benefit of using alongside the awesome battling environment that has developed from Gamefreak's work.

  • This isn't going to be an easy or fast journey. I will be making this organized to prevent issues from happening like before, in which there was a complete disorganization and it resulted in nothing getting complete because there was nothing to follow.
  • There isn't going to be an overpowered idea in this. If something is meant to specifically not be in Ubers, we'll see that it's power curve will be adjusted. This is not Gamefreak's truth, and I'm not afraid to adjust accordingly. If there is something meant to just be in Ubers for whatever reason (Overpowered Poison Legendary, Aya?) Then we definitely will attend to that idea!
  • Speaking of ideas, there will be someone being a general head of the projects in order to see it out. Don't get all crazy, this is going to be taken very seriously and as such, won't be distributed randomly per project. It's to make sure we stay on topic, so it's not all fun and games. Remember, it's a community thing! One person won't decide everything, but we definitely need regulations.
  • We'll use a voting system to make sure that the most heavily favored aspect of this is carried out. It might not be streamlined or might need multiple votes, but it'll be much better.

So in short on that subject, I wish to make our CAP attempts into an actual system. I suggest that any and all spriters practice up, as we'll definitely appreciate the additional help!

Second, I wish to address the general battling aspect that we have here. We don't really have anything non-league based. Kamina took over the Theme Tournaments from me when I was computer-less, so I appreciate that and basically trust that it's running fine! As such, I'd like to make some more things happen. I have a couple of ideas, but nothing hashed out.

  • I'd like to hash out something that incorporates non-linear gameplay from PO. This means, not a huge focus on Overused, or League style tiering. (League style if you don't know, is basically don't use legends or megas. X-League allows one legend or mega.)
  • There's a possibility of developing things that will rotate between tiers, or things that involve running battles in a specific tier and developing that.
  • There is also a possibility of running a team based event as well. I'm specifically not using the term "clan" for a reason; so if you're anti-clan, don't panic. I don't even have one! It'd promote people working together for the greater good, so that'd be awesome to bring us closer together!

That's a general look at what I'm thinking about in that dimension. Nothing's decided yet, but do know that I'm looking at long term events. We can make an easy tournament in a heartbeat on the server. I would like something that people can look back on in Reborn's history and go "yeah, I was a part of that!". That'd reflect well!

Third, I'd like to throw some heads around. Particularly tier wise. Now, first I'd like to recognize and not inhibit the standard tiering that's been going on. It's a definite step in the right direction and I'll see about helping out in that regard as well. On the other hand, I'd also like to recognize the Fight Club addition. I'm glad to see people trying to develop new things, and I'm happy to see people getting involved!

  • I'd also like to add to it though. For fifth gen, I had a NFE tier being developed. With my pc going down, and my in progress tier list not having been retrievable by the one person I did share it with, that didn't ever happen. I apologize for that. However, I do wish to develop one for this gen. More notably, a parallel to the format of standard 6th Gen. This includes higher and lower tiers, and hopefully we'll see those in use somehow.
  • I also have a larger project in the works. It's yet to be started, but will be accomplished. Basically, it's guaranteed to knock your heads off your shoulders! It is tier based, so there is that. I'll be referencing a lot of help from certain factors, and given this list of tasks I wish to do, it might not be immediate. But it will be new, fun, and I'm certain you'll enjoy it! Unfortunately, I can't reveal anything just yet. Stay tuned and I'm sure you'll enjoy what you hear!


So this is my task list I've been meaning to accomplish. I came up with some of this recently, but since I have been sick and the forums been down, I haven't been able to or motivated to start it. Since these things are past, I can and will start moving forward. I hope you all enjoy what you hear, and I hope to see you looking into these tasks as they materialize into actual engaging events! Thanks for tuning in, and thanks Ame for letting me type way too much and hijacking your post <3!

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