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Pokemon Reborn: Recent News -
Mirror, Mirror, on the Field... -
On 05/18/2015 by Poptart

Who shalt this fractured power wield?
At last, it's Serra's Field. Of course, this shouldn't been too much of a surprise given that I already showed everyone part of the arena in that other thread. But I'll leave you all to reflect on the implications of all of this. 
Click the image above, or this link to look into the details of Serra's new Mirror Arena
The Mirror Arena focuses on an constructed mechanic with stacking/consuming evasion and critical hits! Her signature TM, Frost Breath, plays right into this, along with some of her Ice types' other specialties. And yet, in a field like this, missing an attack could actually be somewhat helpful.
Personally, I'm very interested to see how you all play this one.
Additionally, the Obtainable Pokemon page has been updated for E15. Does this mean Beta? No... Not quite. But soon...

(68 replies)
Holy Fields, Batman! -
On 05/09/2015 by Poptart

Of course now I may as well not say anything else, because it's right in the title. But click the image or link below to jump to its description!
The Holy Field blesses its righteous combatants with divine power, banishing the occult and blasphemous types, restoring purer elements to their proper grace, and augmenting the powers of our beloved legendaries. While players will have already encountered this field once or twice in their journey so far, those who have paid close attention can probably guess when they'll have a climactic encounter on it... eventually.
Nonetheless, have faith that E15 will soon be answered. And, once again, your direction will be tested-- can you be sure you walk the right path? 
Pray that you do.

(96 replies)
Making the new fields crystal clear! -
On 05/01/2015 by Amethyst

This is probably my homeland. Or something.
The next field effect to be revealed is the Crystal Cavern! Click that link or the picture below to see its details.
As players, you've all seen most of the places this is going to show up already. And yes! Rejoice! That means no more Arena Trap-Magnitude helplessly collapsing the cave field on you! 
(Although that was solved too since it now takes two EQs/whatevers to collapse the Cave field, and some stuff is resistant to it).
Speaking of changes to other fields, since you won't see the context here:
The field previously known as the Pitch Black field has been relabeled to the aforementioned Dark Crystal Cavern, and can now be temporarily transformed into this Crystal Cavern while the weather is Sunny. ...Or you can just EQ/Bulldoze the crystals and make it a normal cave anyway. Similarly, Power Gem and Diamond Storm will now transform the Cave into this Crystal Cavern.
In other words, they're all potentially interchangeable. 
Two more fields for E15 remain...

(37 replies)
Making mountains out of molefields! -
On 04/26/2015 by Amethyst

Two more field effects coming in today, and you can probably already guess what they are from the title alone. As always, click the images below to jump to the Field Effect page and see their details.
The Mountain is a basic environmental field that we've been lacking for a while, with an emphasis on rocks and wind, and the Snowy Mountain, its variant, is a hybrid field between that and the Icy Field. Yes, that means you can't melt and dive into the peak of Ametrine anymore. Come on, that doesn't even make sense.
We are nearing a long awaited finish-line here. Speaking of long-awaited, some old faces might make a reappearance in E15...

(70 replies)
Awesome kind of runs in the family -
On 04/22/2015 by Amethyst

...No big deal.
Since we put Cain up for wallpapering, he's been a little lonely, don't you think? Let's get him some company-- Charlotte's joining him! It's totally not because I unofficially ship these two...
And if you had a rough time with her gym battle, do try not to like, flashback trauma-style or anything. She's been nerfed. I promise. 
As before, the above image will take you to the wallpaper page on the main site-- or just use this link and scroll down for the firebug here. Again, we have all common resolutions + a mobile wallpaper for your enjoyment! Shout out to apieceoftofu for the art; she's done a great job!

(51 replies)
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