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PokePlace Reborn- Recent News -
Reborn Holiday Party 2014 -
On 12/17/2014 by Jericho

Seasons Greetings to you all! For each of the last few years the Reborn community has held an event in the days leading up to the Holiday break and this year we hope to have some special and entertaining events to amuse you all! Oh my, where are my manners? First you'd like to know when and where wouldn't you? Well it will be held on the Pokemon Showdown Reborn server in a room entitled 'Holiday Festivities'. We would like to tentatively start it this Friday (December 19th) at 6 ET and it will run until, well you get sick of it or we run out of things to do, but pretty much count on it being the entire night. 
Reborn Royalty:
As for what events we will be holding, the ever so popular Jack Frost and Snow Queen will be making a return.
In the spirit of the ever growing non-binary community this year, there will also be a 3rd category known as 'Polar Monarch'. Now that's not to say you can't nominate anyone for any of these positions of royalty, go crazy! Submit your nominations here within this thread and they will be posted here in this post at the bottom. The real voting will start at 8:30 ET and will be announced at the end of the night. Please send all VOTES (not nominations) to Abbey Street)
Gift Exchange:
In the past years we have done a 'Secret Santa' event where people have been randomly been assigned another person to give something to, anonymously. However this year, I have devised something somewhat different and more interactive. I like to call it 'Present or no Present'.
Each person is to bring one gift. It can be anything from a few rupees (stated before hand to me as an IOU to whomever ends up with their gift), a shop item, or something else, you think will really brighten someones day. Remember the best gift is giving! Once you have told me what you have brought, all presents will be pooled and masked and you will be assigned a number of which will determine the order in which you pick your gift. The first person to go will open one of the presents, they will then either be allowed to accept that present or choose to open another one, which they must take if they do so. Assuming the first person has opened a 2nd present, person #2 may either choose the open present, or open another one, which they must take. If the first person took their first gift, the next person will be permitted to open one and defer to a 2nd present. In short, every person will have a choice of 2 presents, and they may or may not know the identity of their first choice.  
I will be holding three different sessions in order to accommodate varying timezones. (6:30 ET, 10 ET, and 1:30 ET). You may pre-emptively sign up for any that you desire. And in the spirit of the Holidays in each session, I will be including a gift thrown into the mix of 2500 rupees each. So shoot for the big bucks! Come in and make someones holidays just that much more memorable, no present is too big or too small! (Be reasonable though)
Snowball Fight:
Queen Elsa (Destructive Skitty), will be hosting a holiday themed tournament with a very handsome prize going to the winner, courtesy of Renzo. (Nizuma/Xiph)
This isn't just your everyday tournament though, there are some unique rules to be considered.
1. It will be 5th Gen OU
2. The only Weather permitted is Hail, the use of other weather effects will result in disqualification.
3. Only Pokemon listed in the Pokedex as Red, Green, or White, are eligible with these pokemon, as shinies, being exceptions.

Jolteon, Dragonite, Beedrill, Raticate, Sandslash, Nidoqueen, Vileplume, Poliwrath, Dodrio, Muk, Marowak, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Mr. Mime, Gyarados, Jolteon, Kabutops, Moltres, Typhlosion, Noctowl, Sudowoodo, Espeon, Ursaring, Stantler, Swellow, Masquerain, Aggron, Flygon, Dusclops, Huntail, Salamence, Registeel, Latios, Torterra, Mismagius, Bronzong, Vespiquen, Skuntank, Drapion, Mamoswine, Rotom, Liepard, Excadrill, Scolipede, Sigilyph, Basculin, Jellicent (male only), Ferrothorn, Eelektross, Druddigon, Genesect.

So come out and show why you're Reborn's Rudolph leading the pack! The tournament gets underway at 7:00 ET, so have your teams ready!
Kings Game:
As an ongoing event throughout the Night, Kaito will be hosting King's game for those of you brave enough to ascend this slippery slope! Some of you may not know what King's game is, well you can view the guidelines of it here. (I'll let Kaito fill in the explanation in the spoiler below when he can)
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, HEY! Thanks for the post and introduction Jeri, it's been one hell of a week for me since coming back home! Shame this couldn't be up sooner, but that was my bad! To make up for it, I'll be hosting the ever popular event, King's Game! It was a smashing success under my care at the last holiday party, and I'll be damned if it's not again! Here's how the game works, my little playthings:
1. The amount of people joining is limitless: There's no space shortage, anyone can play if they so want to!
2. There is no end! Unlike the other events, King's game goes until people get bored or I have to leave ( although in the latter case I'll probably just hand it over to someone.)
3. Now for the actual INSTRUCTIONS! The game is played in rounds. Every round, the players of the game get a number, which is changed each round, but here's the fun part: I'm the only one that knows everyone's number, and even then I don't know until they're chosen~ Each round, there will be a "King" selected by RNG controlled by yours truely. Once the king is selected, they decree their "orders", which is basically anything the king wants. They want Numbers 5 and 17 to engage in a heavy makeout session? It must be done! Numbers 1, 7, and 10 have to proclaim their love for certain things or people where everyone can see? Numbers 11, 15, and 25 have to confess their true feelings about a person? Absolute! Once the order is given, I'll reveal who the lucky people are who have to do said order, and then we watch the fun commence~ Isn't it oh so wonderfully chaotic? In the words of a friend of mine: "It's like truth or dare, without the truth!"
Now if that was a little hard to follow, that's okay! Just show up, and learn by observation and doing. That's the best way to enjoy king's game!
Also, I've heard there MAY be a Queen's game running as well for those a little on the... safe side, but don't take my word for it, it's still in the works! Enjoy~
Now for timing, it'll start when I get home, unfortunately I have some family obligations to attend to, also known as "relatives." Sad, I know! But I'll start it up ASAP, and it shouldn't be any later than 9~

And we will have our local community radio hosts putting out the best music selections for the season, splitting time will be Cowtao and Arkhidon. These two never fail to disappoint. You can send either of them a PM for a music request to be selected sometime at the party, Christmas themed or not, so long as it's appropriate for the server or forum guidelines.
I may be missing something but for now this is what we have in store for you all:
1. Please submit your nominations for Jack Frost/Snow Queen/Polar Monarch in the thread here. (I will update them here). When voting on Friday night, please PM your votes to Abbey Street.
2. If you wish to participate in the present exchange please PM me what time you would like to do so, and what you plan on bringing/offering.
3. If you plan to participate in the tournament, be in the Themed Tournament room at 7 ET with your team ready to go.
4. More info to come regarding King's game.
5. Please PM song requests to either Cowtao or Arkhidon.
It starts tentatively at 6 ET.

Jack Frost: 
1. Blind Guardian
2. Sonikku
3. Jelly

4. Vex

5. Amethyst

Snow Queen:
1. Kalista (Silver)
2. Destructive Skitty (Queen Elsa)
3. Kamina

4. Azery

5. Minerva

6. Void

7. Amethyst

8. Kaito

9. Blind Guardian
Polar Monarch:
1. DobbyTheElf
2. Blind Guardian
3. Kamina
4. HuggyBoo (Flapjackel)

5. Sonikku

6. TheScarletSword

*PS. If you haven't joined the HATTENING, what are you doing with your life??

(45 replies)
Community Upkeep, Round 2! -
On 12/15/2014 by Amethyst

This really is a sort of sequel to the things I talked about in this post, so if you haven't already, go read that.
In continuing to review our discipline policy, we've decided to take a step we have not taken before and merge the forum and server disciplinary actions. That sounds weird, what does it mean? Well, for instance, if you get banned on the server you get banned in real life from the forum too. Pretty sensible, but we haven't done it before. Showdown's registered names makes this a bit easier, so we're going for it. We are not applying this retro-actively. 
In tandem with that, as a moderator team we've found warning points to be really helpful. Those on the receiving end of them may not agree, but that's how it is. Besides, remember they do go away after a time- picking up one or two is no big deal, just don't repeat-offend. Anyway, we have decided to also use the forum warning system to track and communicate server-based offenses.
These will work the same way as forum ones, but in general minor server-based offenses will go away sooner than forum ones. There's also no point value for chatspeak and non-english chat on the server because although we do actively discourage that, we're not about to ban people for it. These items still have points on the forum because this is a persisting media and should be cleaner than the server. 
So with the server in the mix, we've adjusted our scale for consequences:
1 point : The user is no longer eligible for voice (but they won't lose it if they already have it)
3 points: The user loses voice if they have it
5 points: The user loses ace if they have it, and is no longer eligible to obtain it. Locked users may be unlocked.
7 points: The user is put on post-preview, meaning mods must approve their forum posts.
9 points: The user is locked on the server until they have 5 points or fewer.
10 points: The user is permanently banned on both the forum and server. Appeal is possible after 6 months if the ban is respected.
Regarding locked users coming down to 5 points, it will be their responsibility to ask a server mod to be unlocked.
As an unrelated note, speaking of Ace Membership, we will no longer be automatically giving Ace Status to donating users. Since Ace has become harder to get, it feels wrong for the easiest way to get it to be with real money. Plus, let's face it, donating users still get a butt-load of $R (which is nice now that it actually has a use) so it's not like they can't buy it when the time comes.
Anyway, that's the ugly stuff out of the way. Let's get onto some lighter news: 
The site shop has been cleaned up quite a bit. Defunct items have been removed, remaining items have been updated in price, stock and a couple other ways, and they don't show broken images now. Which is, you know, nice.
There's also a new item in the Site Shop for owners of Showdown Chat-rooms that can be used to set or update the description of your room. Your description must be appropriate, and only a room owner can use it for their own room. The item is fairly cheap and I've bolstered the initial stock, so everyone can hop on that now. 
Finally, as everyone has noticed, the forum index has been cleaned up a bit. The PRCL and PZA boards have been hidden until they're active again (Pokenations survives due to it returning soon). The Jubilife and Fan Club forums have merged (because to be quite frank I could not tell you the difference between them anymore and that seemed like a problem...), some forums have been squished to sub-forums, and perhaps most excitingly...
Following up on the poll, we are now hosting Creative Writing and Sports forums. The CW forum is pretty set, however the survival of the sports forum is tentative on its consistent activity, so if this is something you care about, prove it by continuing to participate there. 
Happy posting, everyone!

(20 replies)
I don't want to alarm anyone, but... -
On 12/13/2014 by Amethyst

We fixed our image generators.

Some context for newer members: Early this year we were forced to change hosts, and in doing so a large part of our site's functionality broke. Around the same time, we lost our magical scripting friend Nyunyu (who made that stuff, including the Trainer Card creator, the Sprite Shop, the What Type Are You Quiz image generator, and more) to the throes of reality, and so we were left high and dry with no way to repair them.

Well, we just did, finally, with particular thanks to the member BlackKat6 who got us started on that. As of now, all image generators appear to be functioning properly, so the Card Creator, Type Quiz, and Sprite Shop are all, once again, open for business.

If you haven't been around since the Card Creator and Sprite Shop were things, I invite you to try them out. The Card Creator does accept exports from PO (maybe not Showdown yet?) but there may be some kinks, especially with newer content. Also, please note that you must have a Trainer Card before making a sprite or it will not save. Those stipulations aside, I can't help but think the Sprite Shop is the perfect thing to create an avatar for use on the Showdown Server.


Speaking of the Showdown server, what's up? Well, Showdown itself had a bug and had to roll back their files to the past month, which was before we joined up. Therefore, they lost all of our registration stuff (i.e the URL) and here we are. They also aren't accepting registrations currently, presumably due to that bug, so we are currently waiting for them to resolve that scenario so we can get back in. Nonetheless, the sidebar Showdown links do work, and all custom avatars will return once we get the URL back. 


As a final note, those of you who were around just before the sprite shop bailed out might remember the Sprite Item Request Items. I have all previous requests back-logged and can now begin working on them over time. Once they are all completed, those items will be re-enabled so new items can be produced for the store.


It's good to be back. 


(No, this does not mean League is returning.)

(33 replies)
Reborn XIV: //outlier.corruption -
On 12/10/2014 by Amethyst

g͘l͞itch ́gl̨it̷c̶h͞ g̡litc̕h͠ ͡gļit̷ch ͞gli͝tch҉ ̧s͢urp̕r̷ise͞
The wait is over, and Episode 14 is finally open for business!
Assuming an update from E13, the only caveat with this release is that abilities of some Pokemon may shuffle around a bit as a side effect of the base script update. Can't be helped, sorry. Chug those Ability Capsules. 
Other than that, there's no need to keep you waiting. The download link is below the change-list. Enjoy!

NOTE: Pre-Agate dive areas will not be accessible until the canon return to those locations
* Some shiny Pokemon have been recoloured- this will be an ongoing process
All 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 6th gen Pokemon
* The following abilities have been added, fixed or technically improved in some way:
Sheer Force Harvest Sniper
* The following moves have been added, fixed or technically improved in some way:
Dragon Rush Flying Press Stomp Gastro Acid
Foul Play
* The following items have been added, fixed or technically improved in some way:
Power Items
Life Orb Mental Herb Quick Ball Ability Capsule
* Ability Capsules no longer pick a new ability randomly, but cycle through possible abilities in sequence.
* Two non-binary protagonists have been added: Ari and Decibel. Existing trainers may switch to either of them from the Grand Hall or Agate Circus.
* A move deleter has been added to the Agate Circus.
* The max trainer name limit has been extended to 12 (from 7)
* Added Egg Hatching animation
* The base AI has been changed. How? I don't know. But it apparently was. We've made additional improvements on top of that.
* A host of animations have been fixed/added
* Hidden items must now be faced to be picked up, not stood on.
* Pokémon are now healed when the player puts them into storage.
* The Mining mini-game's hammer now only adds 2 hits per use.
*   The chance of defrosting is now 20% rather than 10%.
* PP-restoring items used in battle on a single move now work.
* Battle items such as X Attack now work.
* Gender symbols now display at the nickname screen
* Fossils now revive at level 20
* Honey trees have been reworked to base off of steps taken (250) rather than time
* The Move Relearner is no longer accessible until later in the game
* Eggs found in the overworld will now hatch with some egg moves
* Kiki and Aya have received field effects and their teams have been updated. Noel's team has also been updated.
* Pokemon have been updated to ORAS move-sets, but tutors are currently still based in 5th gen
* TVs now allow you to choose which channel to watch
#---------------------------- Field Effect changes  ---------------------------#
(See "Field Effect Manual.txt" for full listing)
* Field transformations have been stabilised. Temporary field effects will now properly revert to the field in place at the battle start.
*----- The following Field Effects have been added:
* Wasteland
* Ashen Beach
* Water Surface
* Underwater
* Cave
* Glitch Field
*----- Electric Field
* Secret Power may paralyze
*----- Grassy Field
* Secret Power may induce sleep
*----- Misty Field
* Secret Power may lower accuracy
* Now created by the move Mist
* Now transformed into Corrosive Mist by the move Poison Gas
*----- Pitch Black Field
* Secret Power may lower accuracy
*----- Chess Board
* Secret Power may lower defense
*----- Big Top
* Secret Power may lower special defense
*----- Burning Field
* Secret Power may burn
*----- Swamp Field
* Secret Power may lower speed
*----- Rainbow Field
* Secret Power may inflict any status randomly
* Now ends with the weather that created it
* The additional type bonus now only applies to special Normal Moves
*----- Corrosive Field
* Secret Power may poison
*----- Corrosive Mist Field
* Secret Power may poison
* Now created by using Poison Gas in the Misty Field
*----- Desert Field
* Secret Power may lower accuracy
*----- Icy Field
* Secret Power may freeze
* Now transformed into Water Surface field by Heat Wave, Searing Shot, Eruption, Lava Plume, Flame Burst and Fire Pledge
*----- Rocky Field
* Secret Power may flinch
*----- Forest Field
* Secret Power may induce sleep
*----- Superheated Field
* Secret Power may burn
*----- Factory Field
* Secret Power may lower attack
*----- Short Circuit Field
* Secret Power may paralyze



Additionally, please refrain from reporting bugs in this thread, or discussing E14 story spoilers here. We have separate boards for those, sillies.

(157 replies)
PZA Finis! -
On 12/08/2014 by Amethyst

With three Alliances left in the running and Cerise and Vermillion staring down the Cerulean giant, it looked like the game was all set to snowball in Cerulean's favor! If they could just take a few more cores and stamp out the other alliances from getting their types...!


But it was not to be. In a surprise turn of events at this evening's auction, featuring Cerulean representative Secundum, Cerise representative Shadow Roxas, and Vermillion representative TheScarletSword, the three of them were revealed to have been conspiring all along! Cerulean and Cerise were given "The Bagel" and Vermillion went on to secure a type.


Therefore, the Vermillion Alliance is declared the winner of the Pokemon Zero Alliance game!


Congratulations to everyone who had a hand in leading the alliance to victory, be they officially allied with Vermillion or otherwise. Because of the nature of jumping ship, etc, it's difficult to award a prize to specific members, or even the group as a whole. However, to reward the original intent of the game, Core-Holders in any alliance may sell their cores back to the store for $R400. (Raid Notices can also be sold, though for less).

Nonetheless, Vermillion is the official winner.


That said, it is a valid problem that the focus of the game became set on "bageling". While betrayal was an intended part of the game, the consequences were not intended to be so dramatic. PZA will likely return in the future, after a respite and allowing Nations' second go to come around, but when it does, expect Auctions to no longer be a part of the game. The details are already worked out, but we can talk about those later. 


In the mean time, thank you, everyone for participating! We hope you had fun at some point in the event, and we'll do even better next time.




There's also one more point to clarify about the game-- about the Alliance names. Although "Cerulean", "Viridian" and "Vermillion" may feel like a reference to a game we're all undoubtedly familiar with, that's just coincidence. The six Alliance names are a direct reference to something else entirely. After all, for a while, they did create quite a Divide, didn't they? But that, too, is a conversation for a different day. 

(48 replies)
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